At the movies


Yup. Never had an issue with that one either. Good locations, topical villain, played to an over the top hammy perfection.


I quite liked Roger Moore. He took the p!ss out of it. Daniel Craig is okay but the movies have become just another franchise.


He had to take the ■■■■ out of it, as Bond he was about as threatening as a sneeze. He made a good Saint, way back when, but the Saint was a different type of character altogether when compared to Bond.


Lol. :smile: Agreed.

Easily the most pathetic of the Bonds.


Agree with that too. My favorite role he played was alongside Tony Curtis in “The Persuaders”, which was the one Adult show I was allowed to watch as a 6 or 7 year old kid.

Wish I could find that series somewhere today and see how it holds up against my memory of it.


You could probably find an episode or few on You Tube.


The Saint was great and still stands up. And he started life as Ivanhoe. Much under-rated. He had a style and it was good and it was successful.


The Roger Moore judo chop was very funny.
I found Jaws genuinely scary as a kid.


Cheers Jack. I did look there years ago, and keep forgetting how much stuff is up there these days, there appears to be heaps of Eps. !! :+1:

The Pilot. Ep 1. Will have a watch tonight.


l think l remember the pilot episode a little. Tony picks up a beautiful hitchhiker in his Dino Ferrari, only to be outdone by Rog picking up 3 - 4 lovelies in his Aston Martin. l remember seeing a lot of Minder episodes a couple of years ago on YT. l tried to watch Cracker as well, but the versions uploaded were in some strange format, and the quality was uneven. A pity.



Fecken SPOILER alert!! Sheesh! :smirk:


The last good cry movie I watched was A Dogs Purpose and the only movie I watched again recently, cry in happiness, cry in reason and cry in sadness


Yeah watched the whole lot over the last couple of weeks. Richard Roxburgh was also the villain in Sean Connerys last film. Rake is a bit like the portrait of Kramer in one of the Seinfeld episodes. I can’t look away.


Watched all the persuaders on YouTube. I need to get a life.


Roger Moore was also Beau Maverick, the English cousin of Bart and Bret.

The Saint used to be on Fox Classics on a Saturday morning. In one episode, Simon Templar was in Italy. Warren Mitchell was his cab driver, Ronnie Corbett was the bellboy and Oliver Reed the baddie.

And what a disgrace to the Saint theme was that Val Kilmer movie. Not the vaguest resemblance to Simon Templar of the books and TV series.


I’d forgotten Beau Maverick. Good get.


He was unmistakable, he always wore a white jacket.


I remember him now. He was my favourite. But he wasn’t in many episodes. Mostly it was Bart or Bret.

Who is the tall dark stranger there?
Maverick is his name…


Us that the new Robin Hood movies that’s taken a hammering from everyone


There is only one good Robin Hood movie.