At the movies





Watched Wonder this afternoon, really nice movie and I only choked up twice. :relieved:


Saw Creed 2 tonight. Brilliant, just brilliant


I liked the 1st. Was it better?


I loved the first. They are both brilliant in their own way, I preferred the story in this one just a fraction more than the first one.

I would have this one just slightly ahead

If you liked the first one I would be staggered if you didn’t like this


Thought the first was more entertaining and had better fight scenes but the second had more depth and was pretty awesome as well


I thought the fights in the 2nd one blew the first out of the water.

There was definitely more laughs in the first one,and all round entertainment. This one is a lot more serious


Awesome stuff robbo.

Wasn’t holding out much hope


Creed 2 toned down the humour but upped the intensity

Really glad Stallone opted not too / wasn’t offered to become the directer once the original director pulled out. Thought the guy who directed this one had a good balance between Adonis and Rocky that may have been lost if Stallone was at the helm (I say this after watching Rocky III and IV a collective 431 times)

Few nice cameos too and will definitely watch again

Side note but does anyone else hate going to the cinemas these days?
Why can’t people just shut the ■■■■ up and watch the movie without talking


Agree completely. I loved that they went very serious with this one

Actually had a guy vape in the cinema last night about 2 rows down( thankfully he only did it for about 30 seconds), almost got up out of my seat and took his head off. Did it during the last 40odd minutes of the film too.


What’s vape


It’s some kind of smoking thing. Couldn’t believe it when I saw it. The kid was only like 20 too, if he had set off the alarm in the cinema and stopped the film I would of lost the plot!


Pun intended?


I don’t think the vapour would set of extinguishers - since there is no smoke involved.


Imagine if you would have lost the plot.


I don’t mind if there is talking during the first couple of minutes as people are settling in but after that just keep quiet… and it’s not like movie tickets are cheap either

Back onto Creed they filmed a scene where Rocky and Drago throw some fists at each other. I think in the hospital. Shattered it didn’t make it to the final cut


watched midnight run this afternoon.

thoroughly entertaining.


Finally watched the girl with the dragon tattoo. Good movie.


Watched Fallout.
I’d dropped off MI after 3, thought 2 and 3 were ordinary even with Sydney having such a starring role in 2.

But Fallout was good.
Makes me want to watch 4 and 5 now.


Saw the Crimes of Grindelward. I could understand some not liking it, but I thought it was a solid addition to the franchise. Although two hours long, did not feel anywhere near that to me. But one of our group who saw it wasn’t a fan, and for them it did stretch out.