At the movies


Pretty sure they can be triggered by particles in addition to smoke, as in steam can set them off, so maybe an e-cigarette could?




I went with Mrs S to see The Old Man and the Gun this evening. Robert Redford as the old man, Cissy Spacek as the love interest and Casey Affleck as the gun, I mean as the cop.

Waste of time. Boring as batsh!t. Absolutely zero interest in any of it.

Redford now looks grotesque, with a huge head and mop of the fakest-looking still-blonde hair I’ve ever seen sitting on top of a tiny body: he looks like a marionette. The effects of cosmetic surgery really become evident in old age (he’s 82). (Stallone is another one who now looks like an animated doll.) I couldn’t take my eyes off him for all the wrong reasons.

1 out of 10.


Worse than his butchering of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, a hike along the Appalachian Trail that Bryson made readable?

Although he co-starred with Nick Nolte in that, who makes Redford and Stallone look like callow youths.


So on a scale of one to Sharon Stone, how soft was the focus?


I’m afraid I don’t know. Never saw it.


Was it some kind of metaphor for viagra


Actually it wasn’t soft focus at all, in fact at times the camera work seemed to be emphasising the extent of his wrinkles. The film was about an “old man” who robbed banks, so the fact of his age was a key plot point. It was the sharpness of the camera work that made him look so peculiar: the surgically-produced youthful eyes, plump lips and perfect white teeth set in the lined and leathery skin but topped off with the glossy and luxuriant hair of a 20-year-old. That and the sheer size of his head in relation to his now very skinny body.


I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I guess maybe it was :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:



Yay, more marvel drivel.


MI 2 makes MI 3 look like The Godfather in comparison.

2 was one of the biggest overblown pieces of ■■■■ ever made that almost killed the franchise before it could take off and 3 was the revival and start of the current run of good MI movies with JJ Abrams directing or producing. I’m confused as to how anyone could rate them similarly


Weren’t you the guy with all the nerdy whining in the Infinity War thread?


I thought 3 was dark and dreary.
But it was a long time ago.




I’m with ya Alex. Fark Marvel movies


You try waking up as a giant cockroach one morning and see how you feel.


Sorry. All you whiners look alike to me



Based purely on the trailer - I feel the casting is just…wrong. That whiny voice really irks me. We’ll see.