At the movies


Are you talking about Brie Larson’s voice? I don’t hear it


Doesn’t sound a bit ‘frat girl’ to you?
Meh…maybe it’s just me then.


Naked Lunch?


I think she’s just Californian


Oh. Just Californian, you say. Ok.
They’re very annoying then, those Californians, aren’t they?
Many of them there?


Which version, the original and superior Swedish version, or the watered down, typical Hollywood version, with Daniel Craig?


Which Swedish version? The original movie or the extended mini-series version?


At 145 min l would say it was the movie version. That, and not having regular access to TV for 25 years.


There’s a version called Millenium, where the movie trilogy is extended out to six one and half hour long episodes. It adds way more detail without losing any of the drama


In that case l have it. It was broken into 3 movies, the total length is about the time you mention.



Not sure what you’re referring to but Alex’s avatar got me curious enough to Google it. It’s alludes to a book by Franz Kafka, the plot is so preposterous that I have to go find a copy to read now.



I hadn’t noticed before that the singer from RHCP is one of the bad guys in the fight scene


When chilli peppers attack


Yeah that one. I have heard the original is better.


It is superior in every way.


Watched The Natural last night. Really enjoyed it. Baseball films are always very entertaining, unlike the actual sport in real life


Hey I just watched Venom.
Stuff blows up.
Heaps of action.
Heads get eaten.
Kicks ■■■.
Great movie I loved it.
& Michelle Williams was ok.


I am not the only one that doesn’t get the Marvel ‘cult’?

high five