At the movies


The twins and the others are all now billionaires, not too much sympathy needed.


I didn’t see Zuckerberg as a prick after it, but it cemented the actors reputation


But what if i told you Kroc’s hamburgers were made out of people…?


To Serve Man


I saw that episode of The Twilight Zone over 50 years ago and I’ve never forgotten it.


Damn I had high hopes for this, could of been epic.


2 was better than 1 then they all kept getting worse, so probably no. Falls into the Star Wars vein


Watched Hunter Killer pretty good if you like Submarines and torpedoes that BOOM!


Now watching A House with a Clock in it’s Walls.


Saw it a few weeks ago.


I was dribbling for the predator for two years and was only above average just, but I haven’t had a chance to rewatch.

T6 would have to better than the utter pap churned out since 2


Concur with the Terminator sentiments. Stop at T2.
The only decent predator movie, is the John McTiernan original.


It’s the producers that fk everything up. You knew when there where reports of reshoots for the last ptedstor, and it came out as stated.

Shane Black doesn’t really make average movies. Would love to see any unedited versions.

Whinge, ■■■■■, moan, etc.


I refuse to watch those movies Hunger Games,Divergence etc all crap imo.


If you haven’t watched them, your comment lacks objectivity.

The first two Hunger Games movies were quite good (imo).


I wasn’t a big fan of the first hunger games but really liked all the rest


conversely, hunger games is a ■■■■ adaptation of a poor attempt of a book from that genre.


I saw the last two HG.
I wasn’t fan of certain elements of the plot, but how anyone can not enjoy Harrelson, Moore, Seymour-Hoffman and Sutherland is a mystery to me.


I think I know what Nino maybe suggesting…
If you like hunger games then you will love Battle Royale! Whereas Hunger games is a bit whimpy.


Can we please not compare Hunger Games to Battle Royale.

Other than kids killing each other there is very little similarities.

Battle Royale is far superior.