At the movies




In terms of book series, red rising > the hunger games.


Bird Box = Must watch.


Really? Thought it was very very average, basically a cross between The Happening (lol) and a bad attempt to mimic A Quiet Place. Story gets progressively more dull as it goes on despite a decent premise.


Anyone have movie recommendations for Boxing Day?


A charming coming of age tale in which a young man, Timmy, must contend with not only the voices of his own self doubt and those of others who say he is not up to the task, but the mighty, though diminutive, Kohlibeast from the East. It’s called “The Boxing Day Test”, now showing on your presumably brand new, slightly upgraded from the one you got last year, tv!

Barring that the last good one I saw at the cinema was Bad Times at the El Royale. I was quite entertained and surprised. Great cast as well as a great looking and sounding film.


Thanks for both recommendations, will certainly do the coming of age tale for the daytime. :slightly_smiling_face:


Bond marathon


Wear a helmet :slight_smile:


That’s what she said


Rocky Marathon
Cinderella Man
Glass Jaw
Real Steele
Requiem for a Fighter


Ahm… I think you may have forgotten Raging Bull


I haven’t seen it…thanks and Merry Xmas.


When we were kings.


Cargo, it is on Netflix. It’s an Aussie movie about a father trying to save his baby daughter post-zombie apocalypse - it is not a typical zombie but a good movie.


The Hurricane
Million Dollar Baby
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Unforgivable Blackness (doco)

Oh, … & Kid Gallahad. :smirk:


Welcome to the party Powell!


Saw aquaman. Pretty entertaining. CGI is very impressive. Amber Heard is amazing to look at in this movie.

Action was pretty good, story ok, went about 20min too long though.


How luxurious is her hair


Just back from seeing Holmes Watson with the young fella. Fuark me, how did that make it to release?
Never been so unentertained by a movie in my life. Normally love Ferrell and John c Reilly combo but geez that was abominable.

Luckily we gave the new Docklands cinemas a go, that is the new std in cinema seating.