At the movies


that was balls


in my top 5.


Yep, just absolutely awful. I swear crowe usedabout 3 different accents in that film

Can’t believe it’s only a few weeks until Glass comes out. Looking forward to it more than any other film this year


Washington appealed to the the director to change the ending. Came out as an awesome movie 2nd to End of Watch.


Reckon l will give it a miss. Unbreakable should have its title changed to Unwatchable, it put me to sleep at one stage. Split had a big build up, decent levels of tension, and then a bs ending.


Will check tomorrow, could be 5 years actually!


Training Day excellent?

Gosh…I must have different tastes.


I think we all know that’s true :wink:


Birdbox is just a film.

Entertaining but done before.


This film has me excited.

JC Chandor and Oscar Isaac reunite.


Looks good


Bird box was just about ok for a TV movie but if you paid money to see it you would be very disappointed.

Pretty a much a mix between The Happening and A quite Place.sandra bullock, John malkovich and the cute kids are the only decent things about it. Majority of the story line has been done before and a lot better


Every time I watch the godfather it solidifies my belief that it’s final scene is probably the best end scene in cinema history. It’s so understatedly brutal, and is the formative scene for the character of Michael Corleone for part II.


Was just coming in here to say something similar. But you said it better.

What a great movie, I stop no matter what, to watch every time.

The build up & tension in that final scene, music, acting, timing, editing, just brilliant.


I can’t watch the Godfather movies without an Italian meal to complement them


I can’t watch the godfather 3


That’s a shame.


Hard work.


The testament of Youth. (SBS app)
Has John from GOT on there.


The other half just loves her NYE and duly found a family friendly option of watching movies at the Edinborough gardens in Fitzroy. The night kicked off with Ferdinand which was susprisingly ok. Then the Yarra Council in all their wisdom played Tully staring Charlize Theron which “showcased” a mums struggles. It was a quirky movie with a lot of R rated swearing leaving parents and their kids utterly bemused/confused. Poor choice of movie given how the night was promoted and the fact families with kids were always going to be a part of the night.