At the movies


@Sameolds2010 and @Killer_Mike have clearly now seen the light. Welcome aboard boys


Birdbox is a completely average movie. Come to think of it most Netflix movies are.


Vice lives up to the hype. But I couldn’t get past my memory of Steve Correll’s Office past. Awesome otherwise. Amy Adams will go close to an Oscar for BSA and Bale for Best Bloke Lead.


Haven’t seen Basketball Diaries for some time but I still have it as one of Leo’s best handful of movies.

Stands up ok even today I think.

Some trivia:

Upon completion of Basketball Diaries Leo was offered the main role in Boogie Nights but turned it down to do Titanic.

His costar in Basketball Diaries took the role on.


The latest Fantastic Beasts flick -
Not bad, for what it is. Depp is very good. Law is not his usual great self.


Or he could have done a crossover called titanic boogie, in which Leo gets a cold from marky mark after a cuddle on fairstar


Probably exhausted from his excellent turn in The Young Pope (tv thread worthy I know)


Aquaman just doesn’t interest me.
I liked Guardians of the Galaxy and
Venom, Deapool but I think Iron Man is a toss!
Bring on Shazam but at 1st look it might be a bit hoakey.


Young Pope is so fkn underrated


Yeah aqua man only got a run because the mrs wanted a perve at him.

It was balls. I wanted to see Ralph breaks the internet.


Does that make you captain marvel.
And can I go out with you.


Concept is too out there for some I suppose, plus foreign language component. Didn’t seem to get much of a push on launch either.


I thought it was promoted well before it debuted, but got nothing after that.
Never gave you the impression you were missing anything.
Meanwhile we get 200 Marvel Runaways ads per day on all the channels.


My ad avoidance techniques must be working well then, … I don’t know what that is.

Speaking of which, I have no idea what the Valerie /Furniture thing meant either :thinking:

That said, … one I haven’t been able to miss, and could do with never seeing again is that KFC 70’s era “BUCKET” thing.


Yes and…you bet you can


Watching Willy Wonka at the moment.
It really is very good.
I’d forgotten so many little lines.
‘He can’t swim!’
‘No better time to learn…’


Health inspectors
I’m coming for you wonka


I posted in here a couple of weeks ago that it was very ordinary. l am limited in my choices here in Sumatra, so many times l end up having to see something l would not normally be interested in seeing, Aquaman falls into this category. Great design, all too obvious quest story, that has been done better many times over, elsewhere.


I think its one for the fan people only.

all of them suck apart from black panther and an iron man. and I didn’t mind thor.

and I don’t include keatons batman, nolans batmen in that lot. they are different “universe” that wasn’t sht.


I thought Aquaman was pretty fun