At the movies


I kinda liked the first half of the first Transformers.
The bit with Bumblebee, basically.


HYou may like Iron Man 3, but you’re way off the mark with this one. Spider man 3 is a complete and utter disaster of a movie, from emo Spider-Man through to Eric Forman Venom. Amazing Spider Man was decent although completely pointless as it hit all the same basic beats as the Raimi films. The second one was poo. Homecoming is easily the most Spider-Man of all the live action Spider-Man movies

Never forget


Watched the remake of Ben - Hur last night.

Was OK. The chariot race was good.


I really don’t know whether I want to watch that. I’ve been reading recently about that particular period of English history, and while the 3 principal women did exist, and there was a power struggle between Lady Sarah Hill and Abigail Hill (Masham), the film is otherwise complete fiction. Maybe it’s not in the same league as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, but I’m not sure that I could put my outrage on hold for long enough to enjoy it on its own terms.


The language is pretty colourful. I wonder if they dropped four letter worlds so frequently. (royals)

Costumes are great though.


Meh, Tobey Maguire was not a good Peter Parker, and most of the fights reminded me of Power Ranger episodes.

And having Willem Defoe as the Green Goblin was good, but for someone with the most expressive face in film, hey lets cover his face up!

Just pretty average, 2 was better 1


And someone gets it!!

agree totally!


I thought it was so - so. Inevitably it will always suffer in comparison to the Heston/Wyler epic. That film had two classic scenes, one in each half, the mighty sea battle and the chariot race. In this version you certainly get a better idea of life on the galleys, you can almost smell the salt spray in the creaking hold, but then they short change. In the Wyler version you get a greater sense of impending doom as you can see a pirate ship about to ram, and watch the panic building.

The chariot race in this new version was WOTT. The Heston original was the real thing. Heston did his own stunt work and broke his arm filming this scene. This new version took the end of the rave to a ridiculous extreme, trying to top the original. A plain case of more is less, an exercise in excess.


Yep the sea battle was done very well. Gave a sense of how terrifying it would have been.

Thanks for the info re Heston, I wasn’t aware he did his own stunt work.


Olivia Colman got Best Actress Comedy, AND dropped the f-bomb in her acceptance speech.


There is a great line in the movie she delivers about Emma Stone’s character and where she likes her tongue.


Bohemian Rhapsody gets the best picture and actor. yay to them


That stuff really gives me the sh!ts. Like De Niro saying Fark Donald Trump at some ceremony. They think they’re being so smart. And they duly get their shocked audience reaction.

Pathetic stunt. I would have expected better of Olivia Colman. She’s a great actress and doesn’t need to pull that sort of stuff.


I’m not sure she was making a point. It seemed to slip out in normal speech.




Shelton doesn’t seem to realise that “being a great actress” means you actually need to have a soul, … and that in so having inherently means you’re compelled to speak out against evil racist misogynist sexual assaulting criminal Nazi prickz.



You mean to say that you don’t say es haitch (exclamation mark) tee?


I watched the first one. I thought it was well produced, directed, and passably acted, but ultimately awful.

Someone had talked it up to me and I hadn’t realised it was written for 12 year olds. To me, it shows.


Assuming that’s so, just how do you get from there to using what Noonan calls the F bomb? Are you saying it’s impossible for an intelligent, articulate woman to make a statement with passion and not use it?

I think you’re seriously underrating her if you are.


Got attention didn’t it? You’re right, … she is intelligent, … mission accomplished.

I think it’s you that’s doing the underrating.