At the movies


Actors or actresses who speak out for a political cause (usually against a particular politician) don’t realise they’re being completely counterproductive.


What the heck is going on here?


FYI I was trying to point out the hypocrisy of Shelton10s swearing, to explain how much they hate someone else swearing


The audience is a little different here.


Don’t disagree. Great actor deniro. Once these people get involved in making political statements ita tell tale sign theyre a bit desperate for some form of attention. It’s undignified for a man of deniros standing


Anyone who lets themselves be offended by swear words deserves the offence.

Anyone who thinks it ok for themselves to swear, but applies a different standard to others is a hypocrite


Cartoon or movie?
In cartoon he is a bumblebee bug
In movie he’s a ■■■■■■■ piece of ■■■■ mustang, and he has Meagan fox😉


■■■■ Donald trump.
Come at me.


My suspicion at the time was that Olivia had been sampling the free booze a little liberally.

There didn’t seem to be much force behind her words.

I was only half-watching though. Probably doing the crossword or something.


Like DeNiro struggles for attention. He was on stage at the Tony awards


They’re actors ffs, what other platform are they going to use. And deniro has been spouting this for as long as trumps been in on stage, tv and probably in his pyjamas watching the flintstones with mrs D. It’s not like it’s damaging his cred. If anyone’s using it for a leg up it’s Alec Baldwin who hasn’t done anything decent since beetlejuice.

The only problem with deniros thing isn’t look at me, it’s just giving trump more power with all the attention he gets. Roy Cohn really fkd is over with that one.


I dunno, I reckon a lot of young people wouldn’t even know who he is anymore. Not until he gets all hip and trendy and abuses the President on international television anyway.


What sort of a platform? What message is he conveying? Telling a president to go ■■■■ himself on TV is hardly a message worthy of a platform to begin with.


I know you don’t have any convictions of your own, but sometimes other people do and those convictions influence how they behave.

Not everything has to be viewed in the most negatively cynical way possible, even if that’s how you personally operate


The Simpsons do it all the time


PC culture gone mad, you just can’t say what you want anymore.

Wait where angry that someone spoke their mind today.

Hmmm people are fkng stupid.


I thought it was a pretty fair statement to be honest. I love Deniro the actor more than any other, so it’s hard to say that his actions of recent time re trump just make him look like a petulant attention seeker.


And that’s why they haven’t had a good season in over 15 years?


he can say whatever he wants but it makes him look like a fkg idiot.


You should come up with a movie of that title…would be funny and awesome​:laughing::wink: