At the movies


In a side note ppl are ■■■■■■■ stupider than we think.
They have plastic bags that replaced plastic bags FFS, they were already reusable.


He thinks he’s a ■■■■ so he said it. If I’m ■■■■■■ off enough by someone I’ll turn around and tell everyone in the vicinity I think so without giving a frig. Maybe I’ll do it in an email, maybe in a text depending on the day and which way the winds blowing. I don’t have a world wide audience to blow off steam and get my point across. He probably just heard one too many stupid things come out of the dkheads mouth, walked on stage and let it go.

Deniros been saying it stretching as far back as I can recall. If he jumped up yesterday and said it you might be onto something. What like the thousands that protest marched against him are wanting a cuddle? Or every woman in the metoo movement have colluded and said we need a career boost let’s go girls? And it’s hardly like it’s damaging. Why Robert deniro would give a toss about what anyone thinks about him at this stage of his career is anyone’s guess.


Mate if you have weeks, months maybe to think about what you are going to say and the best you can muster is “■■■■ Donald trump”… then I’m not sure what to say

And abusing trump was trendy the moment he indicated his intention to run. So it’s not like he was sticking his neck out on the line in being dissenting.

Can’t help but feel that yes, a fair few of those protesting just do it for their own affirmation, and yes some of the people commenting on the men too movement, men, woman whatever, did so just to jump on the trend and garner some positive press/ attention. Not talking about the victims that spoke up but others who decided to throw their support on social media and otherwise etc.

Cynical? Perhaps. Accurate? Probably.


You may be projecting, here.


No argument there.

Let’s get back onto movies.


“They” huh? What a bunch of idiots


I think the fact that de niro is such a famous hermit lends a bit more credence to the fact that he called trump ■■■■.


Take all this garbage to the politics thread ffs


What movie is this ??




Completely agree.

The Raimi Spider-Man movies are pretty f*cken horrible.
I watched the first one a few months ago, and its like watching Power Rangers. Just a terrible movie. Toby Maguire looks like a 30 year old in high school.

Personally I liked the first one with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Even though Peter Parker is way too cool. The sequel wasn’t great.

But totally agree that Homecoming with Tom Holland, is by far the best Live Action Spider-Man film released.


Animated Spider-Man is the best.


Into the Spiderverse is the best Spider-Man movie ever.


My random post…just watched Green Book and it’s brilliant. That’s all


I don’t think they’re horrible, except for the third one, which was so bad it basically turned me off superhero movies for 10 years (along with a few others of that era). They haven’t aged very well however and come across as being quite corny now, although they have their moments.

I re-watched the first Amazing Spider-Man after seeing Spider-Verse and it holds up pretty well, even if Andrew Garfield is way too dreamy and cool to play Peter Parker. It was still a pointless reboot though.


This one seems to be getting a lot of late buzz about it. Mahershala Ali is usually worth watching so I’ll have to check it out


You need to watch the first one again, The fight scenes between Green Goblin and Spider-man is like watching Power Rangers.


So how do we feel about Christian Bale thanking Satan in his Golden Globes speech? Ok, as long as no dirty language was used?


I feel about the same as if he’d have thanked Bane?

Actually, exactly the same.


I listen to Slayer, so…