At the movies


Yeah, it’s not for everyone.

For me the narrative was just ok but the execution of some of the scenes were next level.

In particular the scene where they are being pursued in the forest and also the scene at the end in the dilapidated building.

Fine examples of inventive cinematography.

And Michael Caine is awesome.


Didn’t Alfonso Cuarón do Children of Men?




But they were always corny, and I thought that was half the charm of them, they were corny and cliched but also incredibly heartfelt.


It’s Sam Raimi for crying out loud.

You only have to watch the Evil Dead series to see his style.

I still think his Spider-Man’s are the best.


Tobey Maguire as Spiderman acts like a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■! Garfield is better. Better actor.


Garfield is no doubt the better actor but Tobey Maguire was a fine actor in his time but he just had no range.

Acting is just one element that goes into making a film.


That’s funny because they both have the lead title. Spiderman. Don’t get me wrong they both did a ■■■■ job of Spiderman it’s that only Tobey Mcguire has this cry baby, I’m gonna lose it when I blow my load, glowing ■■■ fantasy look in his eye, that 14 yo girls wet themselves over everytime he speaks on screen, sells tickets so he gets a gig. That sickly for ■■■■■■ up sweet crap ruined what could of been a great 3rd movie. And it hangs around in all his movies Gatsby, Seabicuit, Wonderboys, Cider house rules…all ■■■■!


About the only thing I agree with you. Toby Spider-Man is a dumpster fire of a series.


Remains one of my favourite films of the last 20 years. Glimpses of the very near future, if not the present, in the West.

Speaking of great films I just did Chinatown and The Long Goodbye back to back. That’s some good hours spent in a couple of very different versions of LA’s underbelly.


Chinatown is obviously a classic but The Long Goodbye is one of Altman’s least discussed but hugely underrated films.


It’s so out there and natural at the same time. Even the theme song is self referential. Elliot Gould is a great melancholy and flip Marlowe.


Well I can’t agree about Children of Men, but I 100% agree about Chinatown and The Long Goodbye. Different films but both brilliant.


Well gee whiz aren’t you being nice.


If you have any interest in dystopia done well, and in particularly British (Cuaron I know) flavoured ‘speculative’ fiction and film I think COM is a deeply rich and thrilling film. But it just pressed the right buttons for me, very much my opinion. Haven’t read the book but my memory is that it was apparently only a very superficial adaptation plot wise.


Upside down kisses are great but it would have been more interesting if he slipped about 900 ml further.


Children of Men…watched it once…didn’t enjoy it.

Firstly, it had Clive Owen, who I never like.

Secondly, I seem to recall it was about the population being unable to create new babies…which didn’t really trouble me (I guess I have a dim view of humanity)…anyway, that took away all the stakes for me.

PS. I just went and read the plot description on Wikipedia…what a mess!


Just a movie for mine.
I don’t get the devotion.


Other than Y Tu Mama Tambien has Cuaron ever crafted a linear story or one that didn’t have plot holes? He’s not known for it and it’s not what he should be judged on. He is a visionary and makes films that make you think and are extremely well crafted.

Storytelling is for the Spielberg’s of the world.

I personally get far more out of a Cuaron film.


Personally I think Cuarón is vastly overrated. He won the Oscar for Gravity, but really it’s only about the first 20 minutes of that film that’s any good at all. Those 20 minutes are spectacular and enthralling; but once the debris hits the film becomes a complete mess with a stock-standard Hollywood happy ending and a grossly excessive dose of Hollywood schmaltz.

Roma was better but again it was the visuals that made it.