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Stop using sex as a weapon plz


Essentially the editor has creative control over all aspects of the film, while the cinematographer is the person whose sole job it is to deal with the visual capture of the movie. How much of who dictates what would vary between people and projects. The cinematographer would have much more of a technical understanding of filming, and would have to work out how to best achieve the vision of the film. In an ideal scenario, you would get a director and cinematographer who are both on the same wavelength and have prepared thoroughly, so that the director isn’t required to be too hands on knowing that the cinematographer can do the job

But there’s so much crossover between the director, the cinematographer, the gaffer, vfx, post effects, stunt co-ordinators, certain producers, etc that it’s hard to break it down to an exact definition that holds true for every project.


Mission impossible should have stopped at 2.


Isn’t ghost protocol supposed to be iron man 3 levels of goodness


Thought this would be the best thread to post in, feel free to let me know if not.

I’m trying to remember the name of a film, I believe it’s a comedy and a couple are having sex on the toilet, the man then flushes the toilet and the woman asks him to do it again, but he misunderstands and flushes the toilet again.

Does anybody recall this scene in any movie?


MI 2, sucked big time. They forgot to give it a plot. The first one was pretty good right up until the train climax, then it turned into a giant turkey. Ghost Protocol was fine and the latest was probably the best of the franchise.


Roma collects again at the Critics Choice…best film, best foreign film, best director, best cinematography.

Christian Bale best actor and best actor in a comedy.


Was it In-Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon?


You’re thinking of Sleeping with the Enema


It should have given how horrible that movie is, but thankfully it didn’t and we somehow got a bunch of great movies afterwards



Last bit was funny.


3min trailer? You’ve got to be farking kidding me


Was MI2 the really ■■■■ John Woo one set in Sydney?





Looks like rubbish tbh.


They can’t all be Shane Black movies


Saw Glass tonight, had been waiting a long long time to see a proper sequel to unbreakable, then after seeing split was even more pumped

The film was very good( though quite different from the previous too) up until the ending. Fix up the final 15min and I would of given it a 9/10.

James McAvoy is amazing playing that character, it’s a joke he hasn’t been no,tied for any awards


Id like to see now idi Amin Amin would fare this time around