At the movies


Obviously, people other than you think she can act and is funny.


I’m not one of those who think she can act or is funny.


Obviously, people other than you think she can act and is funny.


Well, they’re wrong.


Someone should tell them.


I will.

“Hey you people who think Rebel can act and is funny, … you’re wrong!” … To the tune of Millions and Millions of Dollars in her bank account wrong!!"

That should do it.


Every movie I’ve seen of Rebel Wilson revolves around the bare minimum acting with no range whatsoever and no depth to any of her characters. It basically revolves around her weight or people making fun of her weight. That’s it. She’s basically been stereotyped as the “funny loser fat girl” in everything she does. All the Fat Pizza episodes and all three Pitch Perfect movies & Isn’t it Romantic + others all play to that. Good on her for making a living but she plays literally the same character in every movie, perhaps no fault of her own but still… Fck they even call her “Fat Amy” as her name in all the Pitch Perfect movies. Infact I was infuriated at the message that sent to a lot of younger, bigger girls. She might be talented but has not shown it in any movie I’ve seen and sadly I’ve been dragged to many with the Mrs’.



Is this even a thing?


Top End Wedding = Bombers + Tiwi Islands


Danger zown


Lol, it’s actually Top Gun: Maverick (Top Gun 2)

And it’s coming out this year apparently, starring Cruise, … who knew?


That’s true and disappointing, but not much different from hundreds of other stereotyped actors for looks, size, weight, voice or anything else. You could literally make a 20 minute non-stop list of actors fitting this description. She accepts the roles and is making a living as you say, just as most of us are. Personally, and like you, this pigeon holing bothers me, but the market is the market.


Why does deckham love rebel Wilson so much?


And yet he hates the wookie


Rebel without a clue


What about Rebel dressed as a wookie?


An ewok.
The toothy one


Jan mv in tombstone? Not sure that’s right.


Yeah ta, it is of course , Not.

A long long time ago I somehow conflated the 2 for some reason.
I thought I’d dealt with the glitch, but it still rears it’s head I see, … :roll_eyes: