At the movies

No worries. I enjoyed his films.

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oh baby jakey G.

oh boy, here we go again.

John Wick 3 is awesome.


Not sure if anyone’s posted this. But it looks sensational. Some of the best music ever written, plus a great concept, plus Danny Boyle, plus Kate farking McKinnon! How could this be bad?!


Hmmmm. Threw up my weetbix halfway through that one. Plus any trailer that has that muppet’s close up as a promo frame should be a warning. Don’t mind a smallish Brit comedy trying to punch big but this looks like a very ‘organised’ affair. Yuk.

Actually, we’re you being facetious?

Nope! I reckon it looks awesome (yes I didn’t like the Ed Sheeran pic either)

I will withhold judgement and cereal until further appraisal can be made

Just watched the Korean film “Burning”.

It’s an interesting one…it makes you doubt who the characters really are, and then slowly reveals hints at the truth…by the end I had my own version of an explanation, but still with a feeling of uncertainty…which I think is deliberate…I had to go online to read others’ interpretations.

I think it’s worthwhile seeing.


I have some interest in seeing Brightburn.
I don’t know if it’s enough to go to the cinema.
It 2 will be a first few days of release thing for me and LMW.

For those interested in the crime genre, I watched Juzo Itami’s excellent Yakuza film, ミンボーの女 Minbō no Onna last evening. It was so accurate that the real Yakuza attacked Itami with knives in the street less than a week after its release in ‘92. Jake Adelstein, a crime reporter in Japan, claims that the Yaks ended up murdering Itami - who they felt had embarrassed them.

Edit: You can find the movie on YouTube with English subtitles.

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Chang-dong Lee is a master of cinema.

Secret Sunshine and Oasis are others of his well worth watching.

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What was that Korean movie where the mutated monster jumps from the river and kidnaps that blokes little girl

That was ace

The Host.

That is directed by Joon-ho Bong of Snowpiercer fame.

Easily top 5 directors working today.

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It doesn’t sound too ace

Rad maybe.
Borderline grouse.


Tarantino= pass for me

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Depends whether it’s Tarantinendon or Tarantinington.

You never know which you’re going to get.