Attn Blitzers from the Blitz Flight Plan donation

greetings all!


Apologies for not sending this in a private message but I could only send 5 PM's at a time and there are 60+ of you!!


The club is inviting Flight Plan donors to take a tour of the new facility on Saturday 15 March from 10.30am to 12 noon.


I explained the situation about the BomberBlitz donation, and they are happy for the invitation to be opened up for each person who contributed to the BomberBlitz donation (which is a terrific gesture!)


Please PM me and let me know if you want to take up this offer - I can then give you all the rest of the details.


Deadline for RSVP is midday on Monday 3 March - this then gives me time to ensure the final numbers are sent to the club.


cheers! :)

Really not sure how this will work; even a small proportion of the people who donated as part of their 2014 membership would flood the place.

just bumping this up given there's nothing else newsworthy at the moment... :P

Anyone know when the VFL practice match (at Victoria Park) starts that day?

Anyone going?

Yep! I’m here

Bugger. Forgot all about it. Note to self: next time put in calendar.

Pig and trav were having an extra session there with Bassett today. Only saw the end if it. Pig looked fine practising doing kickouts to Bass, then Bass would pass it to trav at the top if the centre square and he would bounce, run and settle and then kick from 40… Saw this repeated about 5 times where trav slotted each one - except the last - where he shanked it and didn’t even make the distance.

The centre does look incredible inside.

Was interesting to gear that the hot bath is 36 deg, while the cold is 4 deg. Bugger that.

went through with carlton mate who swore as we went past locker number 13.


hasn't gotten over 93.



More than 1,700 generous Flight Plan Donors and guests attended the True Value Solar Centre on Saturday for an exclusive tour of the club‘s state of the art training facility.


Over 20,000 supporters have donated to the Flight Plan and those who attended on Saturday were able to see firsthand how their donations have been utilised.


Our donors were taken on a tour through the training hall, locker rooms, hot and cold plunge pools, medical and rehab facilities, gymnasium and heritage displays.


After the tour many donors were able to find their names on the completed Flight Plan honour wall that is on display at the facility entrance.


Our second honour wall is currently being finalised and we hope to have this on display in the next few months.


Essendon Chief Operating Officer Xavier Campbell thanked the supporter base for their ongoing support.


 â€œIt was a great day and the perfect opportunity to recognise our Flight Plan Donors and show them the amazing facility.”


“Over 5 years ago the Board and greater Club set out on an ambitious and bold vision to create an elite, state-of-the-art facility and our generous fans and supporters have helped us realise this vision.”


“It would not have been possible without the generous and continued support of our Flight Plan donors,” Campbell said.


For those who missed out on the Donor Tour there will be weekly tours of the facility on Monday mornings starting very soon with details to be communicated later this week.

Looks fancy.