August 19 - Gold Coast vs Essendon travel thread

Any advice on where to park your car at Broadbeach if you’re going to bus from there?

Its the way they release the seats. It will be a pretty full stadium being only 25000 capacity, and alot of people pre bought thinking to see Jobe and Gablett 1 last time.

Usually we are at the golf club opposite stadium before game.we are seated around section 204

20 bucks at the golf club.
Pacific fair is a little further but I think you need to pay through the nose anywhere at gc these days.

So you were there with Sheeds and Dempsey.

We always do whether it be Gabba or Metricon.
I’m sure they play surround sound for their own crowd applause!

No but be aware they are the slowest servers in Australia.

Take em both !

Have a look at the Casino. Its usually free there

While up there, if you are interested in buying property up that way check out GAJs place , still on the market, after 7 months So now he has changed agents. Probably asking north of $4M. Theres only 1 GAJ, but there are lots of houses to chose from up there.

Didn’t see them, just the drink promo girls

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