invite (if it's still active)

Hey, is anyone able to send me and invite? I can’t seem to find one though big footy or anywhere so maybe the site is no longer active. If it is, I;d love an invite. Can post links to other sites with 4tb uploaded and excellent ratios

It is still operating and I just checked to see if I have enough points to get you an invite, but I don’t, sorry. Maybe someone else on here can help you out. Good luck.

PM sent.

Hey guys, thanks a lot! Already got the invite I needed.
Thanks again for the efforts

My pleasure.

Any chance of an Estonia visa please? TIA

Same please :wink:


Could any kind blitzes Pm me an invite too?

Yes please if possible

I have a couple of passport applications if anyone needs one. PM me.

I’ve sent 3 to the last three requests, asuming the first two were a couple of hours ago and been filled already. But Hirdy_for_PM and fademan, if you still need an invite , pm me or Jezz, i have 3 more available.

Hi folks,

If someone still has a spare invitation to the party, I would be eternally grateful for one. I’m stuck in the US. I actually pay money for crappy Fox Soccer Plus here, just so I can watch AFL games… but they’re always on at stupid o’clock and they never seem to show replays or on demand.

Anyway, thanks (again) in advance.

Dr T

Can anyone help a Bomber out with a visa? Probably not the best wording considering the world climate.

Yeah, I’ve got the same issue re: invite code. Can anyone help? Cheers

Does anyone have a invite they could spare?

If there is an invite to the site I would appreciate one. Had friends from Estonia over for Christmas. They make good chocolate over there.

Hi guys, will be moving to Canada in a few weeks and would greatly appreciate if someone could send me an invite so I can watch the replays. Thanks heaps

I too would be grateful if I could get in on this.
How do I manage an invite to

You’ve been PM’d.