i got like 12 invites.

could i get one from you.I am in europe and can’t download anything from sanbelt here.would appreciate

i got like 12 invites.

hello could I also have 1 invite code please, I understand you have to keep torrentz up for people to seed from, I have unlimited internet & understand the site does’nt function without it


I would love an invite :slight_smile:can anyone give me one ?


Hi - Are there any invites still available? I have been using Sandbelts program which appears irrevocably broken.




Can you send it, pls. I’m from Russia and I’m a big fan of AFL.


I’d love an invite too please :slight_smile:


PM me your email address for invites.


Has Estonia been bombed?


Worked for me last night.


ehh nevermind twas my vpn


Ok, … but I just tried, to check, … and now getting 502’s on it, … and on ATT as well.??


Same here - doesn’t bode well.


Ha actually yeah just tried and no it wasn’t my VPN


Crap I wanna watch the replay! Wahh


Fact that both are erroring is a positive sign, … likely the common server down in that instance.


Also not connecting to any peers while seeding, while other files are/do, … so another sign it’s just the server… :thinking:


I still havent caught up on the game and have avoided spoilers, the demon game that is. Ps hello. Came here from a google search to see if anyone was discussing being down and this came up. Nice to know server might be ok and Estonia wasnt bombed into the stone age hah. Tho hippo said his watchafl shat its pants and he didnt get the 2 sunday games, so i was concerned perhaps his account and the servers were shut down

I prob wont check replies here until i get to see the dees v hawks game as i reckon someone might spoil it now for me :slight_smile: go dees! and dons too! My Grandmas fav team. Had a pic of hird on fridge throughtout my childhood and died in 2012 pre asada at the ripe old age of 97, lucky for her


Seems to be back now