Australian Policies -- from December 2023

And again…what does Lehrmann have on this bunch of fascists? Who’s funding him?


That’s pretty wild.

I think he’d have good reason to feel like there was a bias against him.

Why would he need to use 4 seperate email accounts?


You reckon Albrechtson would charge out if it was a labor staffer, and a labor minister’s office, involved?

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IIRC, the Sofronoff report found that there was enough evidence to prosecute Lehrmann.
The cops came in for criticism as well as his savaging of Drumgold.

Got a face like he just read his own article

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Saw the headline. That was enough!


Canavan tweeting coal keeps the power on as the coal power station goes down in Victoria.


Odd statement by the Shadow Minister for Cosplay.

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Bizarre. Nice to have power back home though.

For some reason the 4G network was out as well.

Big change is move from 25 to 35 seats across the 5 electorates.

Outright government should never happen again.

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I thought Ireland was bad with between three and five seats per electorate - but SEVEN ?

It’s going to be a mess down there. I can’t see how either side ever gets a majority now. Be interesting to see how well the JLN go

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Easy, it will be a LabLib coalition government.

Potential implications for the AFL team in Tassie……I believe Tas State Labor are against the $750m funding for the stadium ……which is foundational for the expansion team. Jacqui Lambie might hold the balance of power

No Party with any sense would have a policy to stop an AFL Team in Tassie.

I agree ……state Labor down there are/were against the Stadium

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AFL v TAS Labor
I know which one will fold first.
Basically build a new new stadium or Fark off


It’s amazing the AFL put that caveat on a new AFL team in Tassie requiring a bespoke stadium. I’d say an uplift of Blundstone/Bellerive is all that would’ve been required, up capacity to 25K or so and that should be it.


It’s strange one because federal Labor backed the stadium and the new AFL team. Greens and Labor in TAS were against the stadium

Parking not great over there and never will be. The North game I saw there it wasn’t really an issue because the numbers weren’t spectacular but it’s all housing around there and tight streets. Apart from that there’s not nearly the troughs for snouts that there will be with a new stadium, which with infrastructure will easily double that ludicrous 750 mill figure

Edit - reminder, that figure is supposed to include infrastructure. Hilarious