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I fail to see the relevance of any of this to the defamation proceedings. What a waste of everyone’s time and money


You might be right. It’ll all come out on cross examination. Why then did TA resign after confessing up he’d used the corporate card on personal expenses. If it was “part of the plan” and normal practice as you suggest, then why did TA resign and fess up? CH7 only tried to remove the charge on the card after TA fessed up and they took action to get it off their books.

Did you see the golf club video or see that TA admitted to (illegally) sending unsolicited nude pics of a woman to 5 journos maybe breaking the law. He admitted doing this under oath today. Very grubby by TA.

In any case I still don’t get what CH10 are trying to achieve in this? Maybe they thought under discovery they’d find a smoking gun?

That’s where I’m at - maybe it was for clicks ? Bizzare legal strategy

The news reported it was about leaking court documents to c7 by BL

Which would then be a counter defam case against BL

The strategy is quite simple, if some has a good reputation and is defamed you could argue for a substantial $$ settlement. However, if you have a bad reputation and you are defamed, you can argue for a much lower settlement as the damage to your reputation is much lower.


You would think the damages would be assessed as at the time the defamation is alleged to have occured, not after it. I wouldnt think BL ubering some hookers and coke subsequent to his initial alleged defamation should be considered?

The evidence which has meaning was that BL leaked court documents to c7.

The massueses and drugs story is to sell newspapers/clicks.

And that he lied it happened and someone said under oath it did. So just further undermines the credibility of BL

How does that relate to the specific allegation of defamation by BL or the substantial truth defence?

Well channel 9 said it would trigger further proceedings.

Except defam against BL

Its all about the clicks Alex!

So whys it being introduced now? This is what I don’t understand.

I am not that interested in the whole story, just the salacious clicks, but i think leaking court docs is a bad look.

Off thread topic. Geez i feel dumber for the experience watching channel 9 news

Haven’t had a working aerial for a year, recently fixed the old one for footy. It’s all so much worse than I remember. Mainstream Oz is a dumb, dumb place to be.


Because TA only got sacked recently and he’s turned on CH7 - he will do whatever he can to embarrass them ……that’s what was put to him today

Why are you defending C7?

I’m not ……and apologies if it comes across that way ………having seen some of these types of unsavoury things before during my working life I’m just sceptical that CH7, part of an ASX listed public company, would condone or pay for drugs and Thai massages. It sounds like a disgruntled employee to me. But IT you may be right……my scepticism may not be warranted and you could be 100% spot on. In regards to this saga nothing would surprise me

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C7 bankrolled a court case for a war criminal. They spent a lot of money housing a guy who was facing a court case for rape, because they couldn’t pay him for his story outright (legally they were not allowed to). They deliberately deleted all correspondence with that person, wiping hard drives and removing videos (and they have admitted that) in case a court case required that information. You don’t do that unless there are things you want hidden.

There have been previous examples of C7 doing things very underhanded and unsavory, plenty of them. C9 and C10 do it also. ASX listed companies have been involved in some very dubious and even criminal activities.


its a step short of what boeing is alleged to have done

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I see the Absestos mulch controversy has hit Melbourne.

My “pub” mail via a mate who works in private epa certification is that aside from it being connected to serious money, there is a strong rumour of a political connection. All heresy

Any blitzers hear anything similar?