Australian Policies -- from December 2023

I just want to know how asbestos is ending up in mulch?

Getting rid of asbestos properly is a miserable expensive process, so lots of people just do it on the sly and bin the stuff in a public bin or someone else’s bin on a roadside somewhere.

The bonded stuff especially, not so much the really bad loose asbestos. Often gets chucked into generic junk, along with other demolition rubble. If you’re re-using old building timbers or fortklift pallet wood by chipping it for mulch, all sorts of contaminants can get iin if you’re not REALLY sure about where all your raw materials are coming from.

It sounds like that’s what happened anyway, from the article the asbesto was mixed with random other demolition junk.

The bonded stuff is probably pretty harmless most of the time - until there’s a fire and the bonding burns or disintegrates and frees the asbestos fibres to blow around. The loose stuff is the absolute devil though, but that wouldn’t have been what they found in this case.


I’ve been getting a bit lost in the C7 court case, probably because I dont care about it so much, but …thank goodness for the BBC… throwing a lot of shade on our own ABC, I reckon.


Now for the enquiry into the enquiry into the enquiry of the Lerhmann fiasco


As long as they call for the public execution of Albrechtsen.


fake news

I have it on absolute authority that he

ran a fair and open inquiry. He had no axe to grind with Drumgold. Sofronoff is a highly respected and highly regarded legal mind. The ACT Government and Queensland Government have used Sofronoff to undertake some very important inquires. He’s also had an outstanding legal career.

The gift that keeps on giving. The lawyers are definitely building new wings on their already large homes.

Meanwhile back in court today ….Justice Lee in court has just said both BH and BL are liars - how he reaches a conclusion on this defamation case is beyond comprehension.

It’s still not entirely clear what CH10 are trying to achieve by reopening the case based on hearsay of a questionable witness. The judge seems annoyed by all of this


CH7 doesn’t have to disclose the source of their leaks per journalist integrity rules.
CH7 did not provide the leaked messages/AFP evidence brief following a subpoena.
The only person that had said messages/brief was Auerbach, who testified he saw them on a screen via BL, and got possession of them personally following an airdrop from BL. There is no other evidence whatsoever in existence that the messages came from elsewhere, which Justice Lee has explained today.

BL testifed he only gave interviews to CH7 and nothing else.
Lying under oath and breaking his Harman undertaking goes directly to his credit, which is CH10’s whole point in the defamation case.

And it’s not hearsay lol


Who said this

Channel 10 are hoping to show that Lehrmann has lied not only everywwhere else, but in this Court during his evidence. Judges expect people to lie, but they take it personally in their Court.

And making Channel 7 look like even worse scumbags also would make Ten happy.

Reckon they should stop defaming ladies who massage as well, and call these girls hookers. $10,000 for a couple of “massages” is way above the odds, or so I have been told and a bag of cocaine is not $thousands either. So that amount is significant also.

Hmm, the stories I could tell you Bill about ASX listed public companies and hookers and drugs. Your working life has been much more sheltered than mine. Even today though $10,000 buys lots of treats from the Thai girls and a lot of coke.

All this palaver over the reputation of a (minimum) two time rapist.

It’s seriously freaking weird.
If he wasn’t a Liberal staffer, people would be taking a Very different view.



To be accused once looks like misfortune. To be accused twice looks like carelessness.

Have you ever been accused of anything wim?

@Bacchusfox ….I’ve seen and heard it all trust me……from hookers, coke, threats via mail, fraud and all sorts of stuff

My point is - ASX listed companies don’t condone this or it’s their policy to pay for Thai massages and coke. Sure there are people that misuse company cards -100% agree. The person in question resigned because he’d used his corporate credit card for personal not work expenses.

One a week for several months.

Being a nazi zombie, it’ll take a while.

Are you asking me if I’ve been accused of rape, to the level of a courtroom, more than once?

No does not seem to quite cover it.

Edit: and give the man his due, he’s half my age so plenty of more opportunities.

Nah just anything at all

They do anything to make money.

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