Australian Policies -- from December 2023

The final seat result was 14 Liberal, 10 Labor, 5 Greens, 3 Jacqui Lambie Network and 3 independents: David O’Byrne, Kristie Johnston and Craig Garland.

O’Byrne = ex-Labor
Kristie Johnston = independent ex-Mayor
Craig Garland = a fisherman


That’s one lucky fisherman.

But he smells fishy

No need to carp on about it.

So the fisherman got the last plaice?

I thought the whiting was on the wall for him, but I’ve been herring worse. I’ll have to kipper nigh on it.

Counting process sounds like it was a real haddock.

Liberals will need to work with all independents and the JLN.

Strictly, 19 will do rather than 20 (18-16 majority, plus providing the speaker).

The JLN semi-independents and actual independents may or may not negotiate as a block or blocks, though.

yeh but likely need to work with all of them as there may be issues one may disagree on.

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yikes…although “allegedly” he won’t be paid. Yeah right.

Bruce Lehrmann has landed a speaking slot at a $100-a-ticket ‘restoring the presumption of innocence’ conference, hosted by author and columnist Bettina Arndt.

Anyone who attends or supports this event needs to be named and shamed.

He’s currently alleged to have raped multiple women.

The topic is important, but there must be other people enduring our legal system that could speak. And BRS is not one of them.


Interesting read

Fk me.
Just blow up the Australian media landscape and start again. Or better, leave the burnt remains as a reminder of how ■■■■■■ it was, and not start again.


As for Samantha Maiden, who was the first to run with Lehrmann stories, she was the first to settle with him.
Newscorpse advised that no damages had been paid, but ‘a contribution to him as part of the settlement’.
Subsequent documents tendered in Court identified the contribution as $295k.
The ABC settlement for the Milligan reporting amounted to $150k, including $143k as a contribution to his legal costs.

This is why we need a dislike option.


Taylor Auerbach admitted under oath last week that he’d distributed semi naked pics of an ex model to a number of journalists without her consent. The woman in question (Kate Fischer) has now made an offical complaint to the police who are now investigating.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if TA gets charged (he’s already admitted he did it) ….will CH10 get the exclusive interview with TA ?

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this guys head is shaped like a light globe

Yes he does……won $50k as an 18 yo on CH9 Millionaire Hot Seat ……the youngest contestant on that show to win that amount of money …….obscure fact

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