Australian Policies -- from December 2023

So feels like Dutton getting ready for Workchoices 2.0.

He wouldn’t be the same individual who made the news for planning to build some enormous mansion in Tarneit, would he?

His own Taj Mahal

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David McBride sentenced to 5 years, 8 months jail.

I don’t like it. Whistleblowers need to be protected. Silencing whistleblowers diminishes democracy.


He was only doing it for personal gain though IMO, dodgey as anything

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What he released was information on 23 potential war crimes. I don’t care if he had personal motives. Allegations, and further credible evidence, of war crimes should not be suppressable by the Government or Defence Force.


Except he admitted his guilt.

Do not understand, and his Defence was very poor.

None of the stuff he released was of any real consequence.

He had no choice, as the applicable law , IIRC applying to military classified material and his privileged access as a military lawyer, doesn’t allow a defence that may be available in other cases.
A lot of defence in regard to non military classified rests on arguments that the document didn’t warrant the classification, plus more widely, public interest in disclosure.
The public interest test wasn’t available.
The facts weren’t at issue.
Reportedly, he released the docs because he was angry at media reporting tarnishing some military as war criminals.
He chose to come back to Australia
I don’t think his legal team let him down, maybe on the sentence if the sentence is not specified in law.

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No, it hasn’t been of consequence. It should be, but it hasn’t been - hopefully in due time, it is.

No actual war criminals have gone to jail yet. The reports of war crimes were validated by the Brereton Inquiry. But none of the soldiers who murdered Afghani citizens are in jail.

It’s a ■■■■■■■ national disgrace.


We have had nearly 20 years of Indians doing accounting and hospitality courses solely for the purpose of gaining PR visas.
Australia must have more qualified kitchen hands than any country in the world.

The whole process has been a rort involving educational institutions both public and private, and “students” too busy to attend
classes because they are working,

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PR for those on student visa now largely closed off , an undergrad visa degree is no longer enough, it’s mostly for post grads ( except perhaps for health sector grads).
Victoria used to have the worst rorter schools, rarely subject to site checks and auditing.
Comprised by educational services being our largest export.

Why do people come here if they’re just going to get worthless degrees and end up in low paying jobs? I’d think they could just stay at home if that’s all they wanted.

Low paying jobs in Australia might not be low paying in home country.


Yep, except none were the same events, it seems either McBride stuff was hidden or it was fake news. Probably the former.

Have you ever been to places like India?
Millions living in squalor with no prospect of anything in life. A low wage in Australia is like them winning the lotto


Not just the $ (though that is more than in their countries)

There is also the conditions that have been fought for and hard won by unions over the last 150+ years in this country,

At the very simplest level: compare how many days of vacation you get versus your counterpart in many other countries (Including USA). When you get long service leave, they are getting what a first year employee gets here. China is similar to US and I am guessing many other countries would have similar.

Then there are all the other benefits so it is not surprising that there are so many “economic migrants” wanting to becoming here

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The Asian women I know who have studied and gained PR residence ( sometimes through marriage) are supporting their families back home and can take their chances on getting other family members here within the quota for family reunion visas ( which are expensive).
Two of them have paid for siblings to get degrees in their home countries and one is now being asked to buy a house for her mother. She’s working triple shifts to do it .
They laud the public health cover here.


Never been to India, but have to China, Indonesia and Fiji where there’s clearly a lot of poverty.

I just assumed the ones coming here are somewhat well off or middle class