Australian Policies -- from December 2023

It’s amazing thats a (common) thing.

Cathy Wilcox strikes again:


That’s lovely stuff

Needed to have the face from the painting that she tried to get taken down.


This will be revealing. It likely confirms what most already suspected, CFMEU and organised crime infiltrating government projects and directly linked to cost blowouts and mismanagement…

Who’d have think it. Dodgy union has dodgy people involved.

Meanwhile, dodgy Gina keeps doing her thing with dodgy Pete.


“Inside a web of power, fear and greed”

Actually a preety sweet motto for the Libs/Coalition


Nick McKenzie? He of the Saga articles helping in the stitching up of Essendon?

If so, fark him and the lies he rode in on.


This is the easiest fix. Quicker than building.

The article in the Rage is a dog’s breakfast, facts mixed with innuendo . One example, an estimated salary. If, as claimed, the salary is paid by the Government according to a rate payable for a position, basic research could confirm the actual salary. Also references to vehicles used for private purposes. There are often clauses providing for reasonable private use, as with official phones etc. Not hard to research.
Also, what has he edited out that doesn’t fit the narrative?
And, how did he get access to police intelligence? No element of police misbehaviour, selective leaking?

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So you are saying that Nick is just doing what he normally does?


Dogs Breakfast maybe but Setka resigned awful quick.


Nick Mc Kenzie has a reputation for being among the most reputable investigative journos. I think the expose will reveal many uncomfortable truths within the CFMEU, its behaviour and practices and how it’s having an adverse impact on the state governments big build mismanagement. A rort is undoubtably a theme that’s underpinning its mismanagement.

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He lied in his interview with Stephen Dank. Pass.


Critical thinking skills error.

A reputation as an reputable journalist, according to a definition of reputable in some circles which many would not share. He’s a muck raker.

I’m assuming you missed all his lies during the Saga?

Setka should be in jail, McKenzie shouldn’t be called an investigative journalist.

:rofl: :rofl:


I think we all know the CFMEU is rife with crime and its ramifications spread to the Big Build and how it’s left the state unable to fund basic essential services due to debt, or raising taxes to fill the void. The rest is ‘noise’.