Australian Politics -- from June 2023

I’d hate to see the figures for WA reps, Perth flights are insane now but I they don’t have any real competition on the Transcon routes anymore

Crikey -

For comparison, however, the paper notes her predecessor, former senator Sam McMahon, spent just $18,000 on flights in her last nine months. It seems McMahon preferred away to home, however — her taxpayer-funded hotel bill was $74,635 for 186 nights over nine months before she was rolled to make way for Price,

The Age -

Rallies opposing the Indigenous Voice to parliament planned around Australia this weekend are being organised by a pro-Kremlin activist and anti-vaccination campaigner living in the Russian consulate in Sydney.

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$400 a night gets you some pretty nice rooms :rofl:

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Some morons over here defaced a heap of Yes placards overnight. A few stretches of roads where every single Yes poster has been covered with NO sprayed in black paint

I thought for Canberra at least the Fed politicians ( other than those residing in the ACT) get a standard allowance irrespective of the actual cost of accomodation and meals, at least for sitting days and for Parliamentary Committee hearings.
IDK whether the hotel bills listed would cover the standard allowance , which they are not required to acquit.

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I did not have that on my bingo card.

Are they a communist, and if so what type?

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It’s Aussie Cossack

Happening in the South-West Coast too, as reported in the Warrnambool Standard.

I guess just voting No isn’t enough for some. But I hesitate to call them farkwits or racists, or even just ordinary Australians which is occasionally taken as an insult, (for good reason). That’s where the Yes campaign hAs gONe WroOoOnG

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Odd question. The only “type” of pro-Kremlin activists pretending to be Communists who could organize a (small) rally would do it in Russia, not Australia.

I doubt whether Aussie Cossack could provide anything more impressive than something for YES campaigners to fantasize about their opposition.

I’d be surprised if he was pretending to be a communist like one of the “parties” with that name you listed supporting NO. Their origins are with support for the Brezhnev fascist regime many decades ago when even the CPA gave up that after invasion of Czechoslovakia before dissolving into the ALP some decades ago.

Don’t hesitate. If they turn out to be YES campaigners getting absolutely desperate for something to talk about they would be no more of an embarassment to the YES campaign than the small number of actual racists and and farkwits associated with the NO campaign (who would have to be as enlightened and clever as you to actually imagine that defacing YES posters would help the NO campaigners).

Every side has people who do really weird things that benefit their opponents.

Don’t hesitate to keep doing what you so enjoy doing.

BTW the poll indicating how many there are here will still be open until two week days with no change. Now at 18 votes. Still shows an impressive proportion joining you in describing Jacinta Price as both racist and stupid, although continuing to decline slowly.

Click up arrow to see numbers and/or vote or change previous vote:

I was waiting for the false flag discussion.


Pity a poll doesn’t show who voted neither.

They would forever be on my crap list.

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I’ve never put someone on ignore before. If I could do it to myself I would but never a fellow Blitzer, regardless of the nuffy level - and I frequent the Climate Change thread. Arthur is boring me into an unprecedented step.


Sometimes it’s not just the company you keep but the flies you attract


The Svoboda Alliance – Russians in Australia who oppose Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – said pro-Kremlin influencers were “using First Nations people to promote their messages”.

“Looks like the Kremlin believes that voting No will undermine the Labor Party and the prime minister,” Alliance spokesman Ilya Fomin said.

Eddie Synot, a Wemba Wemba lawyer and researcher, said No campaigners’ use of conspiracy theories was causing damage to First Nations people. “Once again, our communities, the most disadvantaged in this country, are ignored and used by others for their own purposes,” he said.

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Pulling out the most disadvantaged line etc plays into the No campaign imho. I dont like it and it wont be why i will be voting Yes.

The yes bit has to be worth a whole lot more than portraying it as a thing for “poor black fellas”.

It should be a thing everyones proud of, shouldnt it?

I mean if the whole gap didnt exist I think there still needs to be reinforcement of the voices importance yeah?

As first nations standing alongside as a consultant well basically to the crown.(or elected officials under the crown).

Ie recognition

surprised it took this long

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He’s basically saying the tone of the some of the No campaign is such that it ■■■■■■ the ears of rabid cookers and agenda driven zealots. Dog whistle playbook from the rotten head of the fish, what do you expect? No self pity there, just pointing out that there’s currently no protection when misinformation is the currency that a major political party is itself printing.

Every now and then you have to step back and reflect that the LNP are totally using this referendum as a pre-election election campaign. It’s ■■■■■■■ bonkers but true to type.

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Pric.ks the ears for ■■■■■ sake