Australian Politics -- from June 2023

Sorry Davo, that is just not true. I spent a few hours last night with two State MPs and a Federal MP, and all too honest for their own good. Over the last 50 years I have worked for a number, broken bread with many, fought with a few and reckon the numbers would be well over 100. Mostly Labor, but numbers of Libs, Nationals and Greens, and even a DLP Senator. Some are not nice people, but very few tell lies or try to mislead. They all play politics because that is their job.

Dutton is Opposition Leader so it is his job to oppose. Not sure you can make much out the High Court decision politically. As I understand, no-one knew how the High Court would vote and no benefit in trying to second guess an outcome. If you think they should have prepared options, then you do not know how Labor works. Even now until the High Court publish the reasons behind the decision, enacting new Laws is dangerous, and in fact the Laws they rushed through will be challenged in High Court as well.

Why would Albo tell all what him and Xi discussed in private. Morrison did stuff like that and it went badly. In fact, the so-called military incident was very mucn over-blown by the media. Getting our trade sorted out with China is very important and Labor has done a great job on this so far.

I never take notice of any polls good or bad, except for the big one on an election day, as it is the ony one that matters.


Depends entirely on which pundits you’re listening to. Commentary I’ve seen took the view his performance in Parliament last week was huge overreach.

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Albanese meeting with Xi was the first time an Australian PM had met with him since Turnbull.
In fact, no Coalition Minister had any engagement with Chinese counterparts and the trade restrictions piled on.
Dutton is playing clickbait politics which do nothing for the common good. Certainly the farmers and rural exporters welcome the rapprochement at an economic level. China is our major market.
As to those so-called foreign hardened criminals roaming the streets. What are we to do about the Australian hardened criminals roaming the streets and not subject to any restrictions after serving their sentences and paroles?
And a minor incident leaving one Australian diver injured. As I understand it, it’s more a matter for the UNSC, as Australia’s presence there was part of a UN engagement enforcing sanctions against North Korea


What, and have you talking about me behind my back!? Never sir!

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Yep, largely condemnation from the press in the reasonable centre.

That’s fair. Good summary. I just don’t trust them. I think they’re setup to fail as you’ve highlighted in previous posts (3 yr term) and the factions and internal party politics makes making progress complicated.

I actually think Albo has done a good job on the world stage. Unpopular view it might be, Scomo took the hits on sounding the alarm to the world regarding China. I applauded him for confronting China on Covid, if you can’t challenge China on the origins of the biggest killer in history, unpopular and perhaps lacking tact and respect in his execution, then we’ve given in as a world. He took China on with Covid, confronted its bullying tactics, secured support from our Allies and the world at large to a crisis emerging for the world in the Indo Pacific. But, Scomo impaired Australia’s economic interests and relationship with China. Sometimes money isn’t everything and you do what’s needed in principle. He did.

Albo has done a good job restoring that relationship and rebuilding trade. But China did realise it’s wolf warrior approach against Australia and others wasn’t working and it also has been required to pivot. Albo working through this phase well, though Scomo did what he had to do. Albo has also done well restoring relations with Pacific Nations. All critical to stability in the region.

The polls. He possibly did overreach but I think that won’t impact how his performance was viewed by the public. In national security and border protection, Australians want strength and strong action. We will see how it was reflected in the coming weeks.

Whats the collective noun for a group of absolute ■■■■■■■■■?


Don’t recall your manifesto level of critique prior to albos election?


From God’s lips…that’s certainly what it is Dutton’s doing, being strong on security and borders. No way is he whistling the bitter old tune. Being that Labor are a conservative party might you see your way to voting for them next time, and not the party of racism, proven endemic corruption, utter economic incompetence, perpetual internal squabbling, obeisance to unrepresentative Nationals, fraternity with One Nation, Nazis and religious zealots?

If I’m a genuine Conservative, I’m disgusted by the LNP. I’m voting for the ALP and their fiscal nous, impetus to infrastructure, coal mine approvals, finesse on the world stage negotiating trade, and above all maintaining and increasing wealth for the wealthy.

No brainer.


“Colon” ?

Liberal party members

A couple of high profile blokes from the RGR era - apologies if already posted

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Why do you post this crap? Craig Thomson is an oxygen thief and was kicked out of ALP years ago for being a crook.

And Julia’s former boyfriend ? Who the Fark cares ?

The LNP apologists in this thread are a damn good reason why we should never vote LNP.


Leader of Qld LNP, best known for his role in the Newman govt and it’s utter destruction of the public service among other crimes, assures that given the reins he will not ‘prioritise’ repealing abortion laws for four years despite the likes of Stoker and Nats leader Freckles attending anti abortion rallies and pushing repeal of existing laws in the year of 2023.

Have the youth up north had enough of Annastacia’s hair style, and how are the grey settlers from the cooler states coping with the heat? Interesting election.

The youth up north (I’m in QLD) are committing youth crime in plague proportions.

Queen Anna is in big trouble here. She’s leading a tired government that’s run out of puff.

Youth crime is out of control, residents are up in arms. The ambulance crisis and hospital ramping is worsening, a 52yo lady died this week after the ambulance didn’t turn up! They were all ramping at hospitals. The housing affordability issue on the south east GC region is a chronic issue.

The LNP bloke is better than the Vic leader, but not much better. But it may not matter. Anna is struggling, the opinion polls are close. There’s a sense that QLD are ready to turf this mob out. And I think it’s about time.

Well, careful what you wish for. Change as good as a holiday? “Where the bloody hell are ya?” Don’t change Oz.

All those issues you list are national and have been under LNP govts also, see Tasmania currently. Shouldn’t Dutts be putting his foot down up there or is it only African gangs in Vic he’s concerned about? I do hope for the young women of Qld that Mr Nobody’s true to his word about delaying their ‘small government’ reach into control over their bodies and reproductive rights. Christ, imagine talking about that in 2023!

From what I sense in dealing with QLD counterparts she is on the nose and some of the corporates that were on her side have seemed to turn on her. However with a lack of a credible or decent opposition I still think Labor survive by the skin of their teeth

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whats wrong with Tas currently?