Australian Politics, Mark II


If you review the stance taken by benno and Boot on Shorten, and now benno and the Humble One on this espionage debate, you will find that they have been successfully duped by the media once again.

Shorten has reportedly made a " captains call" on repealing a tax cut for business, when in fact it is Labor Policy to repeal this thing they voted against. Media call it a tax grab, and other inflammatory language, and it is none of those things.

And maybe some should actually read the guts of these proposed laws against foreign influence before they again believe the junk in the media.


The ACF is a lobby group who take funding from many dubious sources, which is mostly big business who have vested interests.


Australian law: protest a coal mine and go to jail for 20 years
Bacchus: hey, the law’s the law, right, whatyagonnado?

Australian law: the ACF is a charity
Bacchus: no it isn’t, because windfarms.

See the disconnect here?

Regardless of the ACF or it’s donors or anything, this is bad, bad legislation that will be activley corrosive to democracy and which in only in the interest of big business and wannabe authoritarians in government, and it’s disgraceful how the two major parties are stampeding it through parliament in lockstep with minimal scrutiny and haste.


In another note. I’ve had a number of young people contact me yesterday at work, very concerned about this policy which was sneaked through the parliament this week.
We have young people who have just finished a University degree, more often than not can’t find a job in their field because of there is no work available… so they pick up part-time work at Coles. Struggling to make ends meat.
Then the government says; f*ck you. pay your HECS debt back.

These fcking baby boombers, who have lived off their free education, and their parents inheritance, and abundance of work available as young people…
But nah. F
ck young people. They are a blight on the economy.

While on the flip side, Victorian Labor is preparing for a huge 2019. Free TAFE education. Come on in.

Why the f*ck would anyone go Uni? I’ve been advising young people to look at TAFE options, because NLP keep lowering the threshold for HECS payments.


Don’t tarnish all Baby Boomers with the same brush. It is mainly the Tory Rsoles who are doing this, and that is because they want to return Australia to the pre-Whitlam era when the rich were rich, their kids inherited privilege, and everyone else just had to accept their lot in life and deal with whatever shi+ came their way.

(Disclaimer: though I am probably included in that broad demographic, I don’t consider myself part of the Boomer generation, as I always saw that those in the years just ahead of me always were treated better).


Relax, i think the Labour party are trying to get the rat out of the hole and call an election. That worked last time for the LNP they only lost 14 seats.



The weirdest thing is trip was far right, can you be far centrist?


This @Bacchusfox, You REALLY need to take a step back for a moment and look at this for what it is.

It’s an attack on our freedom of speech, like a real one, not a I want to be racist without reprisal one.


Besides, if you go by the “lesser of two evils” approach, I’d listen to a wind farm lobby before I listen to a coal mining one.


I reckon if Bacchusfox went to see The Death of Stalin, he’d be sobbing his eyes out when Stalin dropped off the perch and Beria was blindsided.

“But, Uncle Joe, sob sob sob”


Yep, as long as I was on the correct side of the gun.

I actually love people who whinge about Government legistlation who have never read it and rely on the Media to give them the facts. Sure worked in our Saga !!


Not my point Simmo, though I do agree with you.

My point is that that well-known charity, the Australian Conservation Foundation, are in the pocket of big business. I would have thought that it is in their charter to be independent as well as a well-known charity.

Wonder how much ADANI would have to pay them to get their support.


I assume then that you have read it all and ask those who actually know about it consequences or are you relying on Fairfax and News Corp, or maybe Sky.


I do live in a capitalist society and I am an active part of it, but I don’t like it much. I think democracy has failed us, but I am an active part of a democractic political party. That is because I am a realist and I choose to live in Australia, though maybe for not much longer.

If I take an ideological view on this, then I am very much in favour of a big central government who runs my life. There is no such thing as freedom of speech, and nor should there be. No-one has the right to say whatever they like, and we have strong laws around this, which you have quoted previously. Government needs to protect all people and hence needs to protect our environment, hence all mining should be run by Government under strict environmental safeguards. Government should provide all essentials service, all public transport, all education and all health. Sadly no place on earth has ever existed where this all works.

This proposed legislation does not affect one’s right to protest, it is actually about something different; foreign interference. Read it and ask someone with brain about it before you pop a gasket.


I’d challenge you to find a well-known lobbying NFP that doesn’t get big business money. Marketing through philanthropy has been one of the biggest trends of this decade.


Yeah Essendon has gotten money over the years from foreign entities Samsung, Kia etc.

But it’s ok coz we don’t lobby. The only club not to get money from the government to upgrade training centres.


Except lobby groups are their to work for these “clients”. ACF has very different objecives, or so you would think.


Optus Sport has agreed to let public broadcaster SBS show World Cup matches for the rest of the tournament after a week of streaming glitches left soccer fans reeling.

Keep this in mind when the next right wing conservative half-wit craps on about how efficient the private sector is compared to public controlled enterprises.

IMO privatisation of essential services over the past two decades has been a disaster.


I’m still waiting on my electricity bill to come down