Australian Politics, Mark II


Privatisation is a sham.

It always strikes me that Providers A, B, C, D and E spend 75% of their respective payrolls trying to convince us mugs to swap over to them. Hardly productive.

Of course the rest of the payroll goes to the 5 biggest wheels.


Where is the $500 we were meant to get when they repealed the carbon tax?


Are you that ■■■■■■■ flippant in your old age?
This bill is public record for starters, secondly if it was being shot down by all and Murdoch’s sundry then yeah, you’d probably have a point about the way it’s being reported. But all the concern is coming from small independent media outlets, which even if your only going off the summary that you get in your membership newsletter which I’m sure you are should in itself sound alarm bells.


Inner-City Leftie Begins Painful Transition To Liberal Voter After Inheriting Enough To Buy A Home

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large |

Once a champion of the fight against social inequality and the rights of others, now Dennis Pooley is more or less concerned about himself and those just like him.

The 38-year-old’s elderly mother died earlier this month, nearly ten years to the day his old man dropped out of reception.

He was devastated.

She inspired him to question lawmakers, journalists and the Murdoch status quo. Now just a pot of ashes and tooth fillings on the meek Virgo’s inner-Sydney mantlepiece.

But the effect her passing has had on her boy is further reaching than just some wishy-washy inner-city armchair activism – it goes all the way to his high-interest savings account.

“I never knew how wealthy my parents were,” he told our reporter.

Despite being driven as a child every morning to his private school in a late model European saloon, Pooley was under the impression that he was just like everyone else.

“Mum left me more than enough to enter the property market. In fact, we were able to buy in the very same neighbourhood that I’ve been renting in since my time at university. Amazing. Another thing I never knew was that with home ownership comes great responsibility. Financial responsibility,”

“So that means I need to put my destiny into the hands of the people who have my best interests as a wealthy property owner,”

“The Liberal Party.”

Over the course of the month of June, Dennis has been undergoing a ‘very painful’ transition from being a spirited theatre patron with a penchant for lying awake at night thinking about homeless people and climate change to somebody that only cares about staying richer than the human filth that rent.

He’s parted ways with his beloved beret. He ■■■■ in it, then slid it through the flap of a St Vincent’s de Paul charity bin on the 15th.

He traded in his ‘gay’ Prius for a Mercedes Benz four-wheel-drive that rumbles obnoxiously at the lights.

Now Dennis sits in the back of taxis.

“It’s just who I am now,” he said.

“And one day, it’ll happen to you if you get this lucky.”


Dennis’s mum did pretty well to give birth to him at, what, 50?


She was a battler…possibly from Struggletown…capable of anything


So is this what they mean by “trickle down”?


We all get that it’s parody, … right?


Member newsletter ? Only farking Greens do stuff like that.

We have Federal MPs come and answer all the questions.

And the Legistalion draft is on public record. Maybe you should read it.


Benni and Boot believe it’s true


I’ll bet it happens like that in some cases. Mate of mine, skilled but mostly unemployed for various reasons for 5+ years now, just bought his first place in E.StK after his Dad died. His Dad wasn’t loaded by any means either.


I have, that’s why I’m asking you how you came up with that cool aid? And then you answered the question

So thanks.

Oh and btw when I was with the greens Sen Waters was at every 3rd branch meeting


Larissa Green was one of the nicer Greens.

We also now actually Skype with other MPs at some meeting. Terribly modern, but now our Branch has nearly doubled in Membership in the last two years (28 to 55) and some are now even under 30 !!!

I put it down to me being Branch President, but it probably Bills great leadership, personal charisma and nothing to do at all with having the worst government since Billy McMahon.


Positive news from Labour today. They’ve announced Terri Butler as the Youth shadow minister.

When Abbott was elected he abandoned the Youth Affairs Minister from the cabinet. And removed all funding from bodies that advocated for Australians that aren’t able to vote.

That role continues to be ignored after all the party re-shuffles.


Yeah that is awesome


This is funny, or would be if it wasn’t so true…

"Pauline Hanson is destroying the jobs of hardworking comedians everywhere. There’s no room for satire when the following quotes are real. I promise - real. Like these statements really happened. Really.

In the Senate on Tuesday:
HANSON: One Nation will not be supporting company tax cuts. So I haven’t flip-flopped. I said no originally, then I said yes. Then I have said no, and I’ve stuck to it."


Bit unfair on C Bowan to have been tasked with explaining his leader’s backflip on repealing company tax cuts. How he didn’t do a Mal Meninga was pretty impressive.

If this week’s performance isn’t incentive for the parliamentary Labor Party to act on Shorten, then they deserve another term in opposition. What’s not fair is that we out here will likely have to put up with another Turnbull government for another term, probably with increased numbers.

I’m sure Bill is a good parliamentary leader and seems nice enough but the voters think he stinks. Today’s gymnastics won’t change that opinion.


But if you meet him in person Digs


Sticking to it until the Longman by-election that is.
The by elections could also be the explanation for the Coalition quietly shelving the bill to lower the income threshold for HECS debt collection. Pauline is all for it.


Boot and Ben, the flowerpot men !