Australian Politics, Mark II


Ah the old whole of life. Where the adviser is paid 200% commission upfront. Try to cancel those early and lose 65% of the value to fees, even after 20 years.

MLC, AMP, Tower and AXA were the big players here.


I get the bulk of my political news from the Jim’s Lobbying page on Facebook.

Their coverage of the royal commission has been superb


lol that makes sense

I reckon the most important thing I ever learned in school was how to differentiate opinion from fact.

The incorporation of social media into news broadcasts seems to have blurred that line for most of the uneducated.

-edit- Twitter is the public toilet wall of the 21st century, and nothing more.


The Labor Party is the political wing of the Union movement, so I reckon you should expect Union people and Union money to be a big and active part.

And I know a lot of “career politicians “ who do a very good job.


But I don’t want NAB to realise that my three accounts and Visa card are totally free of fees, and I don’t want any of you lot to tell them.


If possible, do it through super, but be careful and make sure you have insurance in only one fund. It’s generally cheaper and it’s possible to avoid health checks. Read the PDS FFS.


I dunno why you want to avoid the health checks. Take them. They are free. You can request all medical reports to be forwarded to your GP.

Also helps too during claim time that can be excluded later cause it was a pre existing condition.


Say you know you have cancer or MS, but you’ve fulfilled the Automatic Acceptance eligibility criteria, you can get basic cover without a health check.


Automatic acceptance means they do the checks at times of claim all the way back to time of application.

Will be excluded and claim will be denied.

That’s how the TV insurance products get you in.


Too long since I’ve worked in this, but to my recollection, if you fulfilled automatic acceptance, you would get basic cover regardless. Only problem was that it’s difficult to get jobs when you have those ailments, and automatic acceptance used to mean that you signed up to super (and insurance) as soon as you became eligible to do so…which nowadays is Day 1, but used to be after x months continuous service.


It’s in the fine print. We’ll accept you but you’ll be excluded for all pre-existing conditions.

So if you had cancer, but died from suicide you’ll be okay (after you wait the 13 month exclusion on suicide).


Maybe it was just defined benefit schemes, but there was a time (maybe 20 years ago or more) that Automatic Acceptance meant automatic acceptance. You couldn’t increase your cover though, because medicals would be required.

And I had nothing to do with industry funds in those days.


You are talking about group policies I suspect. Where if there are at least X members then all get accepted ‘provided you are in good health’. We did deal with a couple of these where they needed to terminate employment cause of ill health and had to try to get the continuance of insurance through.

These can still exist for life and tpd (though tpd is just about impossible to get from a group policy) but may only be the case if the employer is nice enough to actually pay for the insurance. I don’t know of anyone who offers that for salary continuance though.

I was thinking about the TV ones or if you were applying for insurance.


You never cease to surprise me. You watch gogglebox?


Someone has too.


And this is why it is a bad idea to cancel your insurance policy in super as you dont know how difficult it becomes to get anothet one if you develop health problems.


I didn’t watch it about threeseasons ago because it was just sex joke after sex joke, and I’m not a fan of crude, generally.
But they eased up on that for the last two seasons, so, yes.
It’s one of the few shows I can watch with the two women of the house.

That and Wentworth.


Strange names indeed.



There’s wayyyy more than just ‘some’ dumb people out there.


When ‘chronically dumb’ is combined with ‘total a-hole’ in the same person, you’ve got worries.