Australian Politics, Mark II


Haha. Home Affairs spends megabucks on legal fees to resist FOI release of the Brisbane au pair documents and then grudgingly releases heavily redacted documents.
But, after being under the pump in the House about his claimed non-relationship with the ex Queensland cop, Dutton gets wedged into releasing a Dear Peter letter, asking him to call to help out on the visa.


“I don’t know the person”

“I used to know the person but haven’t communicated for 20 years”

“We comminicated just before it happened but we hadn’t before then for a long time”

This is getting funnier by the day. Imagine that this bloke could have been PM.


Dutton says he did not see the letter, but oh my, how his staff reacted to it ( including the Departmental Liaison Officer, an ex-cop) . A recommendation was prepared for him to sign off on within the day, overturning the decision by officers at Brisbane airport and determining that she was not an au pair, but a genuine tourist. There were no follow up checks whether she complied with her tourist visa.


That is absolutely not true. Maybe not from you’re guys but it is riddled through the LNP. At state and federal level.

Look at Guy!

edit oh you mentioned that.


Don’t mistake corruption with incompetence.

Matthew Guy is a nasty little toad, he lied to my face about a Planning issue in the Marsh so I hate his slimy guts but his ambition is his driving force not his honesty. Guess you could call it corruption on one level but I see it more as incompetent for the job.

Some bright person reckons the best politicians are the ones who do not want to be politicians.


Former MPs who vote on issues relating to mining walking in to directorships post Parliament.

Former Treasurers appointed to boards of major banks after protecting them while in office.

Sitting MPs moving entire government departments to their own backwater electorate to win votes.

Corruption isn’t just confined to slipping a paper bag across an official’s desk or a Thai cop palming 300 Baht to ignore a false charge.

Australia’s political system is corrupt. Federal ICAC thanks.


Former MPs are entitled to get jobs

Former Treasurers should be good Bank Board Members and are entitled to get jobs.

Sittings MPs who get more jobs in their electorates are doing a very good job.

Coruption is many things big and small, but while there may be some in the political system who are corrupt, the system is not.

Federal ICAC or State equivalent are jobs that should be handled by the Police. That is the issue.`


So you have no problem with Mirabella being handed a job by Reinhardt?


Why would I give a fark ?

Just like that slime Ferguson working for mining or the ex Qld Premier working for Banks.

Current Politicians interst me much more, as they are the ones who make the decisions.


Decisions for which they are routinely rewarded by those operating contrary to the common interest.


I would say people like Reinhardt giving them jobs says a fair bit about the decisions they made, and the barrows they pushed.



It’s corruption. It stinks.


Like Sophie could get a job anywhere else.

Toxic person, no one else would touch her with a barge pole.


Except in public conveniences


How Sachin Tendulkar got his nick name.


and that is about the nicest thing anyone could manage to say about her.


Tony Windsor said she was the only person in Parliament that he truly despised.


Revolving door corruption is just as insidious as bribery. To act like politicians don’t understand how their voting record effects their future job prospects is beyond naive.

If they want a job after they retire or are booted become a lawyer or a teacher or a garbo


Except that all MPs follow the Party line vote, so their voting record is the Party voting record.

Your argument is not valid.


Well if that’s the case, neither is your party.
Or the other mob.
Or the other mob’s sucker fish.