Australian Politics, Mark II


Depends how many baseball caps Scummo wears between now and then and how many headlines saying “Naww, look. He’s just someone’s daggy dad, you guys!”


Why does he wear one?


Apparently if he does it makes people feel like he’s one of us.


Not me, makes me think he is an idiot.


Also, first one that rhymes (sort of) with “Worrisome”


Can you think of any recent examples of hypocritical, incompetent self-serving fuckwits who wore baseball caps and were subsequently elected to high office?




One is an mlb and the other is a college team no?


Yes, but I think they were talking about people who got elected to be PM.

Oh, wait…


I don’t know if I want to be part of a world where a right winger’s staff advise him to wear a hat to get on the side of angry young voters and it works.


Your Lobbyist dollars at work!!


Particularly galling when a poll released today shows that 7% of Australians are in favour of new coal thermal. Yet, we’ve got a government spruiking it every chance they get with a dead straight face.


When Turnbull suggested laws about the declaration of donations and both Get Up and IPA objected I thought that was a clear indication of the right way to go. I personally would like to see a follow up on donation transparency.


I apologise profusely for the trisyllabic error on ScoMo.

I’ll turn my baseball cap backwards in abject apology.


Straight up thug.


McMahon would have to be considered a grey area.




Maybe if you pronounced it the Irish way…but we tend to pronounced it McMarn.


What’s McWrong with you McMan?


There was always the suspicion that the r in grey should have been an h, and that Sonia was the beard to dispel the whiff of lavender. Couldn’t imagine Black Jack tolerating a shirt-lifter.