Australian Politics, Mark II


If I were to pick a phrase that guaranteed the speaker was north of 60 years old…


You talkin’ to me pillow biter?


Jimminy cricket!




Micallef is back shortly, looking forward to more Shorten “zingers”.

Arguably does more damage to his credibility than any number of words that rhyme with “ed” or “Bill”.


Cadbury speedway demon?


Just run with poofter, it’s easier.


Hanson trying to get a 9 year old girl kicked out of school because she didn’t want to sing the national anthem


It is pretty dull.
I remember when we used to laugh at the US for that sort of crap.


If she heard me whinging about them playing the NA during every friggin’ final then she might want me kicked out too (although my family history in Aus is longer than hers I believe).


You also go the the right building on Sundays, so she’d have your back.


When I started school it was god save the queen, I have zero attachment to AAF


How good would it be if great southern land was the national anthem, kids singing that in chorus


Me too, used to sit in the quadrangle and belt out GSTQ while wishing we could play off-ground tiggy. At that age I had no idea who the Queen was and why I wanted God to save her.


Yeah, um… Can you please have a word to him about that?



If anyone suggests Kay San, I will have to kill you


I am Australian by the seeker would have my vote, with a less folky sound.


More heavy metal?


Saturday Night would be better, probably more apt for Aus.


It clearly has to be: