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Down Under


Extending my care factor a little, but do we know what this one kid’s objection was?


Yeah, except we all sing the “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree” bit instead of the flute solo.


Harper Nielsen, a student at Kenmore South State School in Brisbane, decided to protest against Advance Australia Fair, saying it was not inclusive of indigenous Australians.

Harper told The Courier-Mail the line in the national anthem, “for we are young and free”, disregarded Aboriginals who had lived in Australia for tens of thousands of years and only saw Australia as a country post-colonisation.


Good on him.
I think it’s not much of a point as the anthem doesn’t actually specify any heritage at all, but it’s good to be passionate about things.

Edit: Or her. I guess Harper could also be a girls name.


Her, not him, it is a girl (and yes she identifies as a girl).


Is that cut and paste? indigenous with a small ‘I’ and ‘Aboriginals’…?


Cannot recall who sang it, might have been Jimmy Barnes, but Advance Australia Fair to the music of Working Class Man was the winner for me.


Adam Hills.

Edit: Which raises a good point. The anthem doesn’t acknowledge the parapalegic either. For shame.


Yes it does. It’s lame.


I’m going make a great big enormous leap towards a couple of conclusions here.

  1. I have my doubts that a nine year old could analyse the language and draw their own interpretation like that. 'Specially at a state school.
  2. The correlation between righteously progressive parents who enjoy publicly making bold statements, and kids named Harper ought to be pretty high.

I’m probably wrong. But that’s where I landed.




I think you’ve made an exceedingly good point.


Yeah why isn’t this kid addicted to fortnight like all the other kids.


Me too.
Then we would march from the quadrangle to our classroom.


I went to school with a kid called Harper and his parents were smack addicts

Though I did grow up in Dandenong, most kids parents were smack addicts

Moving on.


Yeah HScum


I apologise for being Harperist?