Australian Politics, Mark II


Probably because there is much more to this than what you or I know.

We have a major philosophical difference HM. I believe in Government control and have no views on the rights of whistleblowers, and there is no such thing as freedom of speech.

Bottom line is that all Politicians and Political Parties screw up on occasion and vote in Latham and Abbott as Leaders. But there is no giant conspiracy from the Left or the Right to take away our rights. They just both have different ideology and agendas


We’re going to disagree on this one then, especially the blind ‘there must be more to it’ faith bit.

I generally believe in a govt with fairly strong powers, but a govt that cannot have its actions scrutinised and judged by the voting population is not compatible with democracy. The more extensive the powers, the greater the need for transparency. And doubly so the need for the law to be applied equally to everyone, which is clearly not happening in this case.

When a govt excuses the lawbreakers it likes and prosecutes people it doesn’t, well, that’s something I’m going to disagree with.


Except HM, there are checks and balance in our democracy for this.

Government tried to get Shorten and Gillard through Royal Commissions, but case did not hold up so our legal system prevailed. Same with apply with the cases you mention.

It is when Government successfully interferes with the legal system that you need to worry and start the revolution.

The stacking of the US supreme court with Trump conservatives is a big test for the USA.


Or I could vote against my local Labor candidate…


Yep, we all still have that option.

Probably wouldn’t stop you whinging about Bill


From the news:

FFS! Why does every Australian taxpayer have to contribute so much to something that will only benefit Snydey???

Isn’t there more important things that will really help our country rather than people in one suburban part of one fkg city?

Already the Tories have given Snydey billions for their shiny new airport and billions more for NSW for Snowy v2.

Does anyone remember when the Tories say they would not support improving nationally important roads and public transport in cities like Melbourne and Perth?

Snydey transport - including airports - should be the responsibility of the NSW government and should not be provided at the expense of taxpayers around the country. Why should they be privileged over the rest of the country YET AGAIN???

I guess Bill feels the need to butter up from his recent gaffes and get the fickle vote from the most fickle and venal city in the country.

In which case, my view of them and him remains unchallenged.


It’s pretty standard that the fed govt puts in contributions to big transport infrastructure as far as I remember. Pretty sure they’re major contributors to the eastern ring road link, and they were throwing money at East/west link (mostly to keep the vic lib govt in power, but anyway…)


Nikky Savva ( one of the more “real” [sort of] Murfoch Journos) saying that she spoke with 2 Labor MP’s during the week, 1 supporting Bill, 1 not, and both described Albo, as the “News Limited” candidate, … and that she thought neither meant it as a compliment.



I had a discussion with a friend the other day…who is the worst Australian ever?

I argued for Rupert Murdoch.


Not only that but he is probably the world’s worst person in the last 50 years. The way his media exerts undue influence in politics has created the world we have today, including Trump, Brexit, our own malaise, instability in the Middle East due to the illegal Iraq war, refugee problems especially in Europe from the same,etc etc


Where do you think State Government get most of their money from Albert ?

Yep, that’s correct, the Feds. And if both NSW and Victoria got their correct share of GST revenue then they could do much more things themselves.

Turnbull has promised $6,000,000,000 for Melbournes airport rail. Should we ask Dan not to take it .


I just recall that the Libs under Abbott turned down funding for roads in both Mel and Perth while keeping up the infrastructure spend in NSW.

And don’t start talking about correct share of GST when WA gets hammered more than any other state, getting less than 40% of its “fair share”.


Actually WA does worse than that getting about 47% of its per capita share. This year Victoria will get about 98% and NSW about 85 %. The rest get over the odds,


Fair call. Big time player in dismantling informed democracy across the globe. Could be top 10 in current living humans for mine.


With any luck he’ll soon be disqualified from that list.


Is there actually a point to Leyonhjelm?


News of The World and The Sun are both fine reputable news outlets.


Curious math that … :thinking:


Yep, I read it as less 40%

So wrong for the first time in the last ten minutes


His mum lived to over 100, I’ve got a feeling ol’ Rupes will be polluting the integrity of the body politic for some time yet.