Australian Politics, Mark II


The denial of benefits associated with overseas travel is a sham. No cuts for going to Broome or Port Douglas on holidays, but as for going to Bali or other cheap destination in the Asia-Pacific region which might be affordable for someone on welfare ( and which might spin out their benefits) it’s a no-no. I know someone with an intellectual disability who got his payments cut for his traditional annual stay with family in the Philippines ( still paying his rent here and contributing to expenses there). He’s not ripping off the system. It’s not costing the public purse for him to have a family reunion holiday.
There will always be people ripping off the system, whether in paid employment or on benefits.


Stomp hard on anyone as soon as you can for any reason to save the economy 2 or 3 hundred bucks a week, … give Billions in Tax cuts to Big Business and High earners. Ripper.

Farken Squiberals.


I would like to see the same vigour applied to the wealthy and businesses who deliberately try to avoid paying taxes.

People/businesses are ripping the taxpayer off at both ends of the spectrum. It’s a shame there were budget cuts to the ATO and ASIC who regulate these things.


Yep, I fully understand there are some people who have no interest in working and should have their benefits removed. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with taking someone’s benefits if they go on a holiday (a. if the can save anything out of what the get good on them, and b. everyone is entitled to travel/holiday regardless of their income source}. And I do have a problem with people who are already cutting benefits and being found to be incorrectly doing so by the Department of Human Services, in your wife’s case plenty of times, or over all for the industry, in approximately 50% of cases, having the Department of Human Services oversight of their decisions removed. I have a massive problem with that. I also have a problem with the Govt. already having a projected number, read budget, for people who will lose their benefits. Reeks of more idealogical bashing of the poorest than anything else. Gotta grab every cent thy can to give multinationals a tax break.


ASIC and ACCC and any other regulator of the Greedy has been cut to the bone, … and there’s more cuts coming.

Cut the hell out of even our Bio threat Customs division that led to letting white spot in to kill our Clean Prawn Industry, … and came very close to having let Foot & Mouth in, to completely devastate the Beef industry.

(Last Landline ep, if interested)

This Govt is the most Dangerous pack of arrseholes to ever be in charge of the Country, and they simply must be removed.


I can only vouch for my wife’s employer but they have strict company guidelines on what constitutes requiring action to cut payments and as such are following orders. They are not cut willy nilly over a minor issue and most staff will give leeway provided the person can provide evidence that they were ill or have a family issue. It’s the repeat offenders that are actioned to have payments cut and they will go straight to Centrelink and more often than not it is overturned. One lady in her 30’s that my wife is case manager for has been a no show for 6 months now and has been actioned 4 times in that period and Centrelink have re-instated her payments every time. When is enough, enough?
As for holidays, I have sympathy for people on disability benefits but for people who simply don’t want to work then why should the tax payer fund their trips to Bali?
The new system will allow individuals to accumulate a certain level of “demerit points” before it can be actioned but Centrelink will still have the final say on whether a person will have their benefits cut. If someone has what is deemed “acceptable employment” and quits their job for a not valid reason they can be immediately actioned to Centrelink


Some people are basically unemployable, for various reasons. What do we do with them?


Destitute, stigmatised and homeless I believe is the current preferred option.


That was the thing that got me about Bernardi on Q&A.
He’s talking about the trickle down effect, and the plan to keep cutting services so they can create more jobs and have a smaller & smaller government.

No one fcking pulled him up, that having large government and plenty of services to support society also creates fckloads of jobs. Bigger government means more people employed in government, supporting the public to get quality welfare and medical assistance as well as (you guessed it!) employment.

The trickle down effect means the money is going directly into the pockets of CEO’s and share holders. It does not work.


Yes, heading towards a US model. And to clarify, by ‘unemployable’ I don’t mean the mentally or physically ill so much as those who are just useless and/or hopeless. I don’t mind my taxes going toward at least giving them a roof over their heads.


Do you think pensioners should also not be entitled to overseas holidays?


No. Disability and old age pension is ok.
I don’t have a problem with anyone going OS on a benefit that has no obligation for regular appointments/job interviews etc.


Apart from being mentally or physically handicapped or of old age what excuse is there for not working?
I’d like a better work for the dole scheme. Plenty of jobs that need doing around the place and if you want your money, work for it


Do you know anything about this AN10 or are you taking a harsh conservative position?

Most of these poor farkers have mental health issues and they find it hard to work in the system.


What BS !

Plenty of jobs ? Where, in Adelaide ?

Work for the dole is slave labour.


If done correctly work for the dole is not slave labour. Make the hourly rate say $20, therefore if you earn $200 per week on the dole you are required to do 10 hours work only per week. Make it $25 or $30 for all I care but the least you can do is work a few hours a week for your money in a way that benefits the community.


Screw the poor.


What an Rsole.


I read your comment and downloaded and watched Q&A.

I do not get your comment about Cathy King and Labor… I thought she did as well as she could given the chance she had to talk.


Thats fair, in principle. Not so easy in practice.