Australian Politics, Mark II


Apparently Federal Senator is a part time job.


You really could not make this stuff up:

"At the Senate Estimates Hearing this week was this exchange between Labor’s Penny Wong and the Defence Department.

WONG : So tell me then what does Mr Ciobo actually have responsibility for?

DEFENCE DEPARTMENT: [Long pause while consulting at the table] Senator, look, what we might do is take on notice.

The Minister at the table Marise Payne (who was on the opposite side of the leadership battles to Steve Ciobo) was then overheard saying “It’s fair to say I am enjoying this.”

Mike Kelly followed up in Question Time by pointing out to Steve Ciobo that even his own Department didn’t know what his job was. Albonese took a point of order that perhaps the Defence Minister Christopher Pyne could answer the question instead. Labor Members roared with laughter as Steve Ciobo produced a print out from a website to prove he was in charge of something. Tony Burke asked him to table the document because apparently his own Department didn’t have a copy but sadly he refused."


Scullion, Minister for Indigenous Affairs, first learned about Abbott’s appointment as the indigenous Envoy from the MSM.
Cabinet may become redundant at this rate.


Sad little clowns.


What a government.


That is appalling

And I live in a farming area. That money is for the disabled.

How about you don’t give Rupert a billion dollar tax return first before you take money from disabled families cuck


Our government robs from one needy group to to give to another needy group. No surprise which is likely to support the government at the next election and which wont.


I was a 7-8 yo child when the GG stepped in on the Whitlam gov’t, to the cheers of teachers in an East Oakleigh State School common room (think we were watching a science show and up came the newsflash). Can anyone who was an adult back then compare the competence of the current government with that of GW? I understand that nobody wants to go down that road again, with the supply issue etc, but how bad does a gov’t have to be these days to face similar action? Overall incompetence just doesn’t seem to be a trigger for anything but more incompetence.


I’m going to assume this was a mere “administrative error”.


The Whitlam Government was progressive and high achieving and hardly incompetent.

To be honest I find it impossible to believe that a group of primary school teachers cheered that Gough was sacked. He provided more money for education than ever before, and teachers were generally amongst his strongest supporters.

I could tell you many things that they got wrong, but the list of great steps forward is outstanding. In the end, we will never know how great Gough could have been, as the conspiracy between Fraser, Kerr and the leaders of the Public Service will never be fully revealed.

And while trying to borrow through abnormal sources was what caused the biggest scandal, the motive was to meet the dream of Rex Connor, to buy back our mining resources from foreign and local private ownership. Think what riches we may have had, if the loans for $600 million eventuated. Yep $600 million and all mining riches would have been owned by the people.

This is the real reason Gough was destroyed?

The more I think about it, I remember that day in November 1975 very clearly, and the TV actually flashed to the steps of Government House where everyone was cheering Giugh Whitlams famous comments about Kerr. Maybe your teachers were actually cheering Gough.

I remember in my workplace which was a Technical School in the western suburbs, sitting amongst all the new science equipment provided under Goughs Disadvantaged Schools Program with other teachers, with the general feeling of grief and loss. We were in the Pioner pub early that day.


I guess it’s possible, but in my memory the newsflash was short and everyone could hear it clearly. I thought it strange as both my parents were teachers and Labor voters. I don’t remember talking to them about it but I know my dad wasn’t thrilled


And Norman Gunston was there front and centre! Unbelievable timing


Yes and double yes. I should have named our first boy child after EGW. No two ways about it, he saved me from certain maiming if not death as I would have been in the next nasho call up. I well remember the lounge of the Council Club Hotel erupting with unfettered joy as the band stopped performing to announce that Labor had won the election. A date to remember; 2/12/1972


I had to edit the name of the pub from Preston Park to Council Club, which was in Bell St Preston. Did a lot of alcohol in those days! Probably Preston Park, a farming property near me, was foremost in the old grey matter.


What an evil fark. Scumo is a perfect nickname.


I think they believe they are only alienating the already alienated.


Damn right. And they don’t care they are making a situation worse for vulnerable people, pretty much all who are not in a position to help themselves.


Yep, I was in the next lottery as well but as I had refused to register I was probably off to jail. Gough saved me from that; remember too young to vote but just right to die in Vietnam.

I was in the Corner Hotel in Coburg and it was a night to remember, not that I remember that much!


Well it was nearly 43 years ago. There was no cheering anywhere near me that day.


I was in the very last callup, and my number didn’t come up.

I was working at AMP on Nov 11, 1975. There was a sense of inevitability about it, because of the Loans Affair, but also genuine outrage at the dismissal.

As I recall it, Jim Cairns’s son, Philip, stood to make a lot of money out of the Khemlani loans, but Jim never got any flak over it…being the old-time commo that he was.