Australian Politics, Mark II


For a limited time only.


surely you jest?


Nope. Announced today. He’s turning to the church goers for votes.


While i don’t agree with it, it is a voluntary program. So not the end of the world. You’d think it would open a whole can of worms on what religions should also be introduced as an option. They should just leave this ■■■■ at home.


Will the Church of Satan be allowed in?


Announced at the Crossways church (wannabe Hillsong), at a thing organised by the ACL.

So take a wild flying guess at whether it’ll be non-denominational.

Mental. And hopefully puts paid to his horrendous campaign.


And to think it will be funded by the government… Lines are getting blurry.


Very much looking forward to children being able to learn about religion in school.

I particularly look forward to the announcement of the section of curriculum dealing with the teachings of the Quran.

Also: Mentioning the Quran on a site called Bomberblitz? Hi, NSA, HI!


Why bother having opt-in sht on school curriculum? Waste of everyone’s time.

Surely if there’s demand for these kind of thing, then the free market can provide for it?


So they should be. The Andrews Gov hasn’t done a lot wrong, and by almost any metric, is achieving what you would want a Government to achieve.

The surprise here is that Mat “The Sly” Guy, is/was ever, even in with a shot.

Without Murdoch, he’d be nowhere near it, and never would have been IMO. Makes me think if Tony Abbott had a sniveling, sneaky little brother, … this is who he would be.
Insipid, whiny, dodgy, … is all I can think whenever I see or hear the bloke.

There are many Libs that are way better communicators and don’t make your skin crawl, but luckily for Labor, they inexplicably chose this bloke.


And you want taxpayers to fund it? Umm, really? Last I heard, Australia – and within it, Victoria – was a secular democracy. If parents want kids to get some religious values there’s always Sunday school. Or relevant religious education at home or outside of school. And not on the public’s coin.


Mate do you think i said somewhere that i agree with it? I don’t think this bullshit should be in our schools. It’s nonsense.


When it’s opt-in during school hours, the other kids are not allowed to have proper lessons because that would disadvantage those who opt-in. So an hour of curriculum lessons gets wasted for teachers and students.


So Labor reckons one ex AMA President can roll a traditionally safe Liberal seat, why not try another!!

Brian Owler selected as the candidate for Bennelong.


This current Government is the best Victorian State Government I’ve seen in my life time.

I’m not a Labor party voter, as I usually support the Greens, but I’ve been super impressed by this Government. They have been extremely progressive about the future and showed a lot of care for the people.


Sorry Lance – I’m 100% with you in opposing it. I trust you’ll accept my apologies for misinterpreting your post and misrepresenting your position. My bad…


I agree. Certainly the most progressive government in the country at the moment: lots of good and much-needed public infrastructure, leading social policies – euthanasia, 2-year kindergarten, work redressing indigenous issues (admittedly off a low base and with a ways to go…) – commitment to climate change mitigation, all while managing the economy pretty well, albeit helped by the stamp-duty bonanza of recent years. And I’m not a huge fan of the Premier Andrews’ or Treasurer Pallas’ personal style yet they just seem to get stuff done…


Both my kids get an hour of class revision whilst the others are doing the RE stuff. I don’t mind them getting some direct attention rom their teacher to revise on stuff they have recently covered.

I would have no problem if RE was part of the curriculum for all kids, as long as:

  1. it’s taught by their teacher as a regular topic just like maths, geography or history. No contracted organisations (“Catch the Fire Ministries”? FFS, blatant recruiting or what?), and

  2. It covers all religions. Explain the fundamental beliefs, cultural traditions, history and origins. Show kids that there all sorts of religions all over the world and all through history. We claim to be inclusive (kids of several different religions at my kid’s public primary school), but then only teach christianity in a class called “Religious Education”? If they’re going to be taught about Christianity, they should also be taught about Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Greek mythology and Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs.


I agree that (#2) would be great. But we all know that’s not would it would be.


Yep, I’d have to agree the Andrews government is the best state government I’ve lived under. I’d like another 2 terms of what we’ve had so far.

Should be enough time to lock in the pathway to 100% renewables and the offshoot industry revolution that should grow from it. Work on decarbonising transport. Keep expanding on sensible transport infrastructure and decentralising populations. Get some big investments in public health.