Australian Politics, Mark II


I’ve been reading that we’ve been importing some of them lately because Abbott caused one of the producers to close back in 2013.


I’d have invested in Aerospace and Battery production.


My local council are introducing a new bin program next year (I think) where kitchen scraps going in with the green waste to get composted at a big local facility. The general rubbish bin only get collected once every two weeks. Recycling and organic waste every week. ■■■■■■ good idea. I can sympathise with those who want to know how they’re going to deal with two weeks of disposable nappies piling up but there are ways around that too.

Combine a program like this with organic waste from agriculture, large businesses like supermarkets and abattoirs and you could get quite a good composting industry going that could produce both high grade fertiliser and methane.


they have a centralised “mechanical stomach” in the city processing a stack of food waste. pretty cool idea.


I live in Eltham, so our green bin goes out every week, normal rubbish (I get my kids to call it landfill bin so they get an understanding of where it ends up) and recycling bin alternate weeks. I feed nearly all my food scraps to the 5 chooks I’ve got in the backyard, the rest goes into my compost bin, along with some grass clippings and all the chook-poo. My green bin only fills up when I do gardening (mowing or trimming trees mostly, and the landfill bin hardly ever gets filled up, even on a fortnightly cycle. I also wrap most of my scraps for the landfill bin in brown paper, rather than plastic bags. Basically, I’m reducing my rubbish signature, the compost is slowly improving my garden beds and vegetable planter box each season, and I get fresh eggs every day (which I share with the neighbours from time to time).

It’s great to see councils and locals taking action on this. The more movement that happens at the local level, the easier it is to convince the higher levels to put money towards it.


Not sure who told me this, but allegedly Portland had a wind turbine producing facility, until some drongo decided it was cheaper to import them…through Portland. And Portland had to refurbish them because they were subject to deterioration through exposure to salt air. Would have been cheaper to leave it as it was in the first place.

About time that our governments realised the benefit of the multiplier effect of economics. If you have an industry in a town, then everybody in the town benefits, no matter how remotely connected. People in the industry spend their wages in the town’s businesses, whose employees spend their wages in the town etc down to where tax and savings take away the effect.


I think that is sort of true. Prince Engineering are a big manufacturer and they have a factory in Geelong as well. Think they moved most of it to Geelong, but there are a lot of Chinese imports.

Morse Engineering were in Warrnambool; they were our fabricator of stainless steel parts for our equipment we make, but they moved to Melbourne when they got large export orders from Japan, and now they are too busy to do work for us.


Here’s First Dog on the Moon’s latest from The Guardian:



Yep. It is. We even get our own little scraps bin for the kitchen in which animal products can also go in.

I certainly commend you on your household program. I’ll get chooks one of these days and spend more time in the garden. This program is great for the rest of us who either won’t or can’t do those thing.


Upper house hopeful Ms Nilson posted tips about stealing groceries, called Liberal MP Michaelia Cash a “disgusting smug parrot” and referred to stinking of “the weed in my bag” in a series of posts to a Facebook group called the Bad Gals Club, the Herald Sun reports.

She sounds alright to me.
Shame she’s decided not to run.


Yeah I really want to vote for her now :frowning:


Anyone who can sum up M. Cash so pithily belongs in parliament.


Sounds like a “friend “ has turned her in.


Can’t help but feel the Greens have missed a trick there.
I reckon I’d put her first out of 157 if I had the chance.
What, they’re gonna lose all the Deep Blue votes over her comments on Cash?
Hints on stealing groceries?
How about hints on running up 10k internet bills and getting away with it.


It’s funny how different the bar is.

To get a green to pull out
Pull up 1 snarky jibe at a polly on facebook from 3 years old

Then there’s that one nation guy who initially didn’t want to resign when a photo of him mowing a swastika into his lawn went around


Now this is beyond a disgrace.

Is there no dodgy stealing of taxpayers’ funds that these Tories won’t do? Is there nothing they can’t get away with?


When this stuff gets exposed you just have to wonder what we don’t know about. That’s effectively an industry parachuting someone into a ministry to do the exact opposite of what the portfolio intends and help out the bad guys. Not how democracy is supposed to work. Getting used that these days though.


Apparently the only aspects of Australia’s heritage that matter are its military history (but only the good bits), Captain Cook, and feral horses. Everything else (i.e., all the things that truly make Australia unique) can rot.


Well, horses are great because you can make them race and take idiot’s money off them. They also screw the high country environemnt which is great because screw the environment. The good bits of the military are great because we’re beating someone or putting up a fight against the odds. Like when we win cricket world cups except killing dudes is involved. Which is even cooler. Captain Cook is great because he was the first human to find Australia and help to turn it into this place we love and run feral horses and armies on. He also killed some of the humans he found here who inconveniently existed. But that’s all fine because coal mines.


That’s an excellent synopsis of the year 9 Australian history curriculum.