Australian Politics, Mark II


Please stop.


He needs to see the code! WHY WONT ANYONE SHOW HIM THE CODE


And that right there is what I was talking about. There are simpler ways to hack a persons device, than trying to use a backdoor in an encryption app.

(JFTR, I’ve never used the cloud either, … never trusted it)


Like I said, … if it’s only Apple,… I’m ok with that.

People will of course have the option to not upgrade to such a phone or OS right? (In which case the whole thing is completely redundant for it’s purported purpose anyway, yeah?)

Or do Apple not allow their servants to do that either?


Social engineering is the obvious one. Buy (or trick) the master key off a dirty cop (or dirty taxi inspector, or dirty local govt inspector, or anyone at the software company who helped code the backdoor in the first place, or anyone working at the lowest-bid contractor who supports the server). As soon as you’ve got the backdoor key, you can get into EVERYTHING.

I’m sure there’s technical ways of going about it too, but I’m not as well up on those

Currently the systemic strength of encryption is due to its decentralisation. Even if you crack my encryption, you’ll have to start from scratch to crack my mate’s encryption, even if I’ve exchanged encryppted data with him. A backdoor compromises that. It says that to crack everyone’s encryption, all you have to do is break or access one key. That makes it the biggest most tempting target in the world.


Not really, the problem with weaker encryption is data can be easily mined in mass, that iCloud way was incredibly labor intensive and only effected a handful of celebrities


It won’t only be apple.

And sure, you can simmply not upgrade. It’ll work for a while. Until your phone dies and you need a new one. Or until your OS is so old that your old apps stop working and you can’t run new ones. And of course, if you don’t upgrade you’ll miss out on patches for widely-known accidental security holes…


Have you actually lost the capability of comprehension ?

“Apple (or whoever)”


Wasn’t the iCloud stuff just/mostly easy-to-guess passwords?


Maybe BSD actually supports this because he just really really wants more of Jennifer Lawrence’s t/ts?


The bill will mean all companies have to force the software onto the device, so it won’t be an opt in update.


Kind of


What’s that they say about Insults being the last resort of insecure people with a crumbling position?

Is that it?

Anyway, fk this, It’s beer o’clock & the Crickets on.


legit lol


And that people tend to use the same small number of passwords across all the apps and websites they use…So if you use joeblow1 for one app, you may well use it for others too.

Hopefully it’s not password or admin.

There’s a reasonably simple explanation of it in a book called The Code Book by Simon Singh, about the history of encryption.

It relies on the fact that’s it incredibly difficult to factorise extremely large numbers when the number is the multiple of two very large primes…and it uses modular arithmetic (calculating remainders when dividing by a number is not a reversible operation).


If any of us knew the details, we would out hacking stuff for financial gain instead of shtposting here.

The big dirty secret in data security is that 99.9% of measures that are in place only really do the job to protect against random attacks. If someone really wanted to target you/your business specifically, they’ll get in. The level of protection you have only determines how long it will take them.

@Humble_Minion is on the money re: social engineering. The major risk here is that the tool/s to access the exploit (let’s call it what it is) will end up in nefarious hands really easily and really quickly. Will cost someone like $5k. Probably less.

Double that up with the government’s recent history of implementing anything tech related (see: online census) and it doesn’t bode well.


The whole “I have nothing to hide” gamut is a bit silly as well. Would you consent to having the front door to your house replaced with one made from glad wrap? It’s still a door, right?


I don’t know, does Bill Shorten support glad wrap doors? If so I’m all for it


I’m probably the wrong person to ask this, … I actually leave my door and car unlocked most of the time.

Went away t Melb for 4 days once and I hadn’t pulled the door to “click” as I left in a hurry, … came home and it had been wide open the whole time.

As the saying goes,…“Locks only keep Honest people out”


If only everyone was honest