Australian Politics, Mark II


Why do you think that Labor doesn’t also want the powers?



Tinfoil Hat beni


But they were improper before


Well, I suppose they probably do. I just can’t believe how stupid our politicians are.


Dunces hat BF


Do people even follow politicians these days, I gave up years ago.


Well, I suppose it’s a bit like keeping up with what your captors are up to these days.


I hate IT.

Especially when he jumps to conclusions.


So it’s passed tonight. Farking disgusting


They moved 127 amendments all together. Amendments that were only provided to the parliamentarians an hour earlier.

I can’t possibly see what could go wrong with this


Universally panned as dangerous and stupid. Nope. Let’s have a crack at it. Farking lunacy.


I really didn’t. I was only asking questions.

Re" Is it only apple, … ??

If I dont have watts app etc, … ??

I never made any such statement.

I don’t know if I’m hackable, but as I said, there are likely much easier ways if someone wanted to, … but also, I couldn’t GAF if they did, …

What? … they find out I like a drink and the occasional smoke, and sometimes use Tramadol and Bourbon in a Pseudo therapeutic sense??

They could find all that out by trawling Blitz.


There are some things that even hackers wouldn’t dare try…


Hackers would all follow Carlton or Hawthorn, and even they would be appalled by the swear filter.


Cam here to post the same thing. ■■■■ Labor for supporting this. People take the ■■■■ out of China, but at least they’re not hiding it.


So these laws contradict the GDPR as well.


Knock yourselves out:


Hiding to nothing.

De fanging the MurFuch press tropes before they can even begin.

ScuMo actually tried to start it up today, … “Labor will keep you LESS SAFE!” ala Abbot, … (that’s when I changed channel …

No choice.

Things may be very different in power , … though I have been let down before, … so no guarantees.


They had a ■■■■■■ choice.

And they chose to sell out. Again.


The advice I got today from our IT guy is that this has no effect on our business and all our data is now secure. Thank you for your concern.