Australian Politics, Mark II


please be abetz, please be abetz




And we’re apparently concerned about the unemployed rorting the Newstart system


Just reading the FR in Virgin Lounge Canberra because that’s the done thing, nice article about the general cess of Oz politix, came across this gem which I hadn’t before. The billboard Labor put up in Vic with Guy, Scummo, Abbott and Dutton all looking constpated is referred to “in Labor circles by the nasty perjorative ‘the Mt. Rushmore of fuckwits’”


It’s Christiansen apparently.


Yes $45 a day sounds like ome hell of a sweet deal.


That would be a pleasant Christmas present.



Isn’t his wife Filipino, if so not surprised he would send amounts.


It’s really embarrassing to have him as a Doctor Who fan.


Even better


Zero surprise here.



He was a rubbish artist too.


Story in the Age this morning about how Bastiaan was trying to put his own followers into seats and white-ant sitting members. Sounds like a right pernicious ■■■■ and fitting that he’s seen as a right-wing bible-bashing ■■■■■■■■.

Funny thing was that James Paterson was seen as one of the potential white-antees, and I’d have thought of him as one of the worst examples of today’s Liberal Party, and that he and Bastiaan would share a pew somewhere.


Can we throw Canavan on the pile next?


Politician of all persuasions from all countries visit sex spots from time to time - And some of these spots are also very popular with families - Think the world has gone crazy.


Dp you mean, “The family that plays together, stays together” ?


Do they use taxpayer money to partake in these activities?


Politicians attending strip clubs and sex-related clubs is a little bit ‘on the nose’ for our supposed national leaders.

I’m sure amongst others countries politicians attending these types of spots for buissness meetings is normal. But honestly, they need to be much smarter about it. Tax-payer money being spent at these types of establishments simply is not going to wash with the public.


Again Blitzers, we seek to crucify a Politician with allegations. Christensen wife is originally from the Philippines, and there may be all sorts of reasons why he is there.

I have been to fleshpots all over Asia, but it doesn’t mean I have indulged in depravity and perversion.

Excuse me while I go that throw my phone and iPad off Station Pier.