Australian Politics, Mark II


George is a gluttonous, bigoted rabble rouser, a true false Qld special. He gets popular on the back of abusing and insulting people who can rarely fight back. I could give two ■■■■■ if the fat dog whistler cops a false rumour. Live by the dirty little dagger, die by it. Yeah let’s be kind to politicians, they’re setting such fine examples the lot of them.


It’s not the possibility of sleazy interactions that we should be worried about per se. That will only impact their family or career.

It’s the very real possibility that ministers or those working for them could be ‘compromised’ and a broader impact to Australia. Evidently there’s not much background checking that goes on.


Remember when it was revealed Rudd went to that strip club in the US - his popularity increased as a result.


That’s the difference hypocracy will make.


George has had a tummy tuck in Malaysia it seems. His weight was 176 kg, now down to under 120 kg.

I was having Christmas lunch with a group of mates in South Yarra yesterday, and former Senator Robert Ray was sitting near us. Some may recall he was a very large bloke probably 150 kg at his gluttonous best.and I didn’t have time for the rightwing slob.

Well he is now 71 years old, weighs under 100 kg now he doesn’t have his snort in the Parliamentary dining room trough. He actually looked better than I ever saw him before.


The ultimate pre-workout


that’ll do.


Abetz is more of a stone cold blonde man.



Probably because he left his clothes on.


It’s expected the relevant authorites will keep an eye on politicians.But this should never be made public. This is actually placing the politician in more danger.


Want to explain how?


Its already been suggested the name of the politician. Its easy for those who have bad intentions to use this publically available information.

I am unsure how many fail to see how intelligence should remain private.


Your a strange cat Yaco.

The other day your issue was a prositute breaking confidentiality.

Now it’s the privacy of someone alleged to have used underage sex workers.

I don’t think your viewpoint is the key issue at hand.


If they didn’t know him before…?

It’s these bits of information that allow scrutiny by the voting public


Reportedly, Robert’s wife, a pastor, was live streaming church services from home. Can only assume she had a separate account.


Again, get an unlimited account. And if she was doing that it must’ve been 24/7


Since when did they let women become pastors?


LNP MPs, including Christiansen and Broad, with their snouts in the trough again, with proof of their laziness and dishonesty in plagiarising previous reports.


How am I a strange dude - Government agencies are collecting intelligence on politicians which is fine - But it should never be publically released - Underage Sex workers ? First, I’ve heard of this allegation - Which sort of proves my point - And if this has occurred it’s a matter for the Phillipines authorities.


How many lives does this guy ■■■■■■■ get?