Australian Politics, Mark II


So far two too many.


There’s so much stench about this government. Such a pity they don’t do the honorable thing and let us have a vote now.


Sex with underage children is also a crime under Australian law if committed by an Australian citizen abroad.


I think what yaco is trying to say is that if some unscrupulous person got hold of this information, they could use this information to blackmail them.


And if the behaviour gets brought out into the open, then no opportunity for blackmail.

If you don’t want to get blackmailed, then don’t do stuff you don’t want to be blackmailed about.


And so it farking should be!
Rock spidering is rock spidering no matter where you do it.


Exactly or even set a honey trap - This stuff should never make the public domain, unless charges are laid.


Of course it’s a crime, BUT it still needs the co-operation of Phillipine authorities to move forward.


What price Australian values ( whatever they are) when Dutton says that the Sri Lankans about to be deported only procreateated to leverage their chances of staying here.
Effectively he he is saying that they should not have children , unlike us here who have citizenship.
Perhaps , as part of his Home Portfoloi, he should have birth control measures for everyone of interdetermitate status


I think we can all agree it’s the rich white conservative politician who’s the real victim here. Pray for George.


I’d rather someone institute birth control measures on Dutton myself.

Castration works well, … then he can find out about being of “Indeterminate Status” …


Or better yet, invent a time machine then go back and institute birth control measures on his parents


Just watched the movie VICE our liberals and there republicans are just the same.


Yup. Lock step.


Apparently Alexander Downer thinks Father Bob is a fake.


In which case I’m even more of a bastardo than I thought I was.


Downer needs an upper.


Downer is incredibly close to the top of the list come the people’s revolution.


He is on my list


I always imagine Downer in the suspender belt and fishnets like Monty Python’s Judges sketch, so make sure that’s how he’s taken to Mme La Guillotine.