Australian Politics, Mark II


Hot pink, I think was Don’s preferred colour.

But I think that’s compulsory in SA, isn’t it?




I’m not the one in the pink hot pants!


Magenta, if you don’t mind.

I thought you South Australians were good with colours.


Not those shades.


Fraser Anning visits a right wing Melbourne ‘patriot’ rally in St Kilda.

No need guessing as to why they chose today


… and yet he has no idea what the “final solution” refers to.


Well, if putsch comes to shove…

Only 150 Nazis turned up apparently, and 250 antifa’s.


yes but how many women? did they get the quota’s right?


Annning declares it to be official business, business class airfares and Comcar costs a charge on the public purse.


He’s gotta be done. Bring on the housewives of the Nat constituency, finally awoken from their political slumber and nothing shall change in real life, other than there’ll be more scones at the Lib/Nat bbq’s celebrating the fact they’ve pulled the wool over the nation that still apparently lives off the sheep’s back again.

Yes, horribly un PC and pessimistic, come at me roight wingas with your exceptionalism and persecution rag. The fields outside Toowoomba will still wither.


Prick needs to be hounded day & night until he is forced to resign.


19 people voted for him.


That’s almost a footy team


Talk about ya, …

:roll_eyes: … fkn joke.


I can’t even be mad at Queensland voters about it.
Which is annoying.


I’m sure there was good people on both sides…


Thousands of Australian troops died at the hands of Nazis.

I garruntee these fascist f*cks will be front and centre with waving the Australian flag on Anzac Day, in some some dilusional pride about ‘being Australian’.


Yeah, I couldn’t figure this out. He was the Hanson third pick, one guy was ineligible and not sure what happened to the 2nd place getter, then he went Indi, then Katter, then Indi but aligned to Barnadi?


What about Sarah Hanson Young?

Who gives a ■■■■ about a few protesters???