Australian Politics, Mark II


Are you seriously comparing the two?

One is a senator visiting an area in her own constituency to talk to constituents about an issue that has been on the political radar for the best part of a decade, the other is a neo-nazi travelling to another state to participate in a neo-nazi rally.

One of these things is not like the other.


They are both in politics spending moneys that’s not theirs…of course they are related.
It’s criminal activity.
The bigass slush fund in the sky is related and we r the sucker’s. The headlines are all garbage to blind us.
You’re probably watching 9 news right now…


Should we celebrate our differences when others wouldn’t give a flying rats crackers and would eat your rats cracker after they have finished with you?


Ever been to Morton Island?
Tangalooma Resort?


The avatar change fooled me.

Attempt at serious discussion aborted.


So you don’t like debate?
Oh well then…


I enjoy debate, however I choose not to enter a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent.


Point being?


I can handle my politicans going to Nazi rallys, but I draw the line at Whale-Watching.


Yeah I wouldn’t want to see Clive Palmer either.


Avatars carry quite a bit of weight it seems. Previously you were easy to take as a dementia suffering uncle, now you’re a crazy troll. Reconsider your image, you were quite good on factual stuff re environment. This Nazi whale bit, it’s very ripe


And yet this is still the only place I’ve seen that rather significant detail mentioned.

Death of journalism thread, I know.


I think it’s a stretch to think any of these douches are/were bright enough to make that connection, and are probably too ignorant to even know about that Party’s existence.

More likely they chose it just because it was a Summer Saturday.


Of course it is their farking money.

I don’t give shitee how a Senator spends their travel and other allowances, it is all part of their employment package.

Anning is entitled to come to Melbourne and march with Nazis and so is a Senator entitled to go whale watching.

Just more jealousy.


Quite a feat to mistake jealousy for accountability.


indeed comrade, indeed.


Until Sarah becomes mates with someone who advocated “hanging a picture of Hitler in every Australian classroom” you can’t compare either.


Did anyone mention the ‘patriots’ waving around SS helmets, or the halfwit dressed up as Templar Knight, or the clowns wearing ‘European Brotherhood’ t shirts.

The dirt bag who organised it was imprisoned for stalking his ex (and her new partner), then trying to burn her house down. Real 'strayans worried about crime.


The whales are immigrants. Why care?


“They just come in here, and steal all our fish off hard working Australian Whales…”