Australian Politics, Mark II


And then the ■■■■■■ Japs kill 'em! Don’t be importing ya ■■■■■■ foreign conflicts here!


LOL Templar knights. What a pack of ■■■■ wits.


Like I said, … they aint too bright these flogs. but, are we sure it was a Templar,… and not a Teutonic Knight??


They should all have their Southern Cross tattoos burned off with an oxyacetylene torch


Derek and Clive, so, you know, NSFW.

The “FW” stands for “■■■■■■■ Whales”.


No mistake on my part, I know exactly what Senators and the rest are entitled in their employment package.



That’s awesome!
So we’ll leave aside the suggestion that people are somehow jealous of someone attending a racist rally, you can come back to that, and get to the accountability.

What’s the bit in Senator’s entitlements that says he’s eligible to have his costs covered for such an event?


You see that’s the problem right there. People believe Politicians using the populations money as “their money”. Fine to say I’m crazy uncle r whatever but far out. IT ISNT THEIR DOUGH!!!

I’m going to stick with movies and football.


…he’s probably sitting in Hefner robe, musing in his cigar lounge, pondering thoughts with a whiskey or port and admiring his ancient book library.


Well Wim, we might not like it but Senators have a discretionary travel budget. If they decide an “event” is part of their duties then it is permitted. Anning may be a dikkhead-head but he is using his permitted allowance.


Okay, well I am kind of jealous of that.
‘You’ve put travel to an Essendon game on the Gold Coast as part of your entitlements.
Who says that’s part of your job?’
‘I do.’
‘Well, okay sir!’


It is their money. Part of his travel allowance.

If I can find my copy I will post all the allowable benefits for a a Senator, they are more substantial than other MPs.


So could he use it to go to a brothel, on the grounds that he believes there is one in his electorate and he needs to understand them?


May not be in the rules, I will check.


Don’t they have any decent hard-right-wing nutters up in QLD he could visit instead?


Wrong. It’s our money, … they just get to spend it.

And they damn well are accountable for how much of it, … and how they do so.



Australian Jewish association has tied itself in a nice little knot. Supported Anning because he supports an embassy in Jerusalem.

Subtly revising that policy now.

Surely even the most ardent zionist can see at least some of their “support” is actually anti-muslim sentiment, coming from actual nazis?


That’s 18 months old tho right?

Meh, 2% pay rise isn’t that much.