Australian Politics, Mark II


Wrong, it is their money. It is part of their remuneration for their job.

Do you think the same way for all Public Servants ? Do police and ambos use your money ?


On-top of the average $220,000-350,000 wage?
I’m sorry did you want them to have a 10% pay rise while every worker under poverty line get 15$ extra a week?


I’m all for those without much to get more.

in isolation a 2% pay rise isn’t really that much is it?

I’m more concerned about all the shenanigans that never seem to get investigated or fully reported on.


It would make sense to spend discretionary spending with discretion.


Of course they do.

Or do you think they are privately funded??

Of course you don’t, we all know you are just being contrary and ridiculous.

And they all need to be accountable for how they spend it, just like Unions are for their members money they spend.

A proper Federal ICAC will sort it out though. No more Pigs to the troughs, clocking up Helicopter rides because they mistake their level of importance, etc etc et fkn cetera.

Politicians are really the least important people of all, … they just don’t realise it. Hanson & Anning prove you don’t have to be remotely intelligent, or have any special skills, … in fact you can be at the bottom of the genetic tree, and still become one…

The only real work they do is scheming new ways they can bilk as much as they can from the Taxpayer filled coffers, and who will pay them the most to vote a certain way, … and then how they can stay in Govt so they can keep doing it.


Leyonhjeim quitting the senate to run in the NSW election. They’re welcome to him but hopefully he has his ■■■■ handed to him.


Cigars, dresses, spandex and a trip show.
Maybe that’s where Wim will be?


Yup they’re really milking it…last year rort!


Exactly. It’s not their money, nor part of ther remuneration,. that is their wages.

Allowances are just that, … and it doesn’t mean you’re “allowed” to use them to go to friends weddings and rort them for all manner of shitt.


Smacks of getting out before he gets asked to leave.

He is pro dope and free drug testing, so maybe will get some traction in party town


Yeah Hanson Young and daughter spending $4000 a night to see whales…she could have stayed at home and sung to a mirror…


He’s not really pro anything. He’s just anti regulation. Mindlessly so.


You really are a massive shitgibbon.


He knows he’s going to get booted if he stays at the Federal level.


Is he any realistic chance?


You need a very low percentage to get into the NSW upper house. Hopefully he gets a far right position on the NSW ballot paper and the LDP get far left for the federal paper, just for the LOLz.


What a slimy prick scumo is, now he is praising Victorian Police.




There are few things more despicable than using your children for political gain. Of course this applies to most politicians these days, but it never used to be a thing. Makes me sick.


The old Adidas Romes were essential footwear in my university days. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

Then again, we were still fighting in Vietnam, not touring it, during my university days (the first half of them, anyway).