Australian Politics, Mark II


If there is any justice in this universe that fat f uck Clive Palmer will have a heart attack and die before the next election.


Clearly there is no justice, because Rupert Murdoch is still alive…and Craig Kelly…and Peter Dutton…and…

But apart from that, how could anyone sensible join his party, seeing what happened last time. I don’t mind Jacqui Lambie (she clearly cares for Tasmanians and returned servicemen) while Palmer is a useless ■■■■ who’s just trying to feather his own nest.


Bit of an Aussie Trump really.


Very much so…even to the point of Make Australia Great Again.

Everything he’s touched has turned to ■■■■ for others. Remember him locking out crowds from his Gold Coast A-League team?


But his ads are so informative and full of context!

(Apparently the silly bugger is going to run someone in every lower house seat. I guess that’s a better way to spend his money than paying his workers.)


What really p!sses me off is that there’s no option to block them.

I went to his website today and sent an email telling him to leave me alone. Probably won’t work but it’s worth a try.


I think his bigger waste of money are the billboards I’ve seen in both Brunswick and Northcote. Is their 2 suburbs less likely to vote for him?


I don’t think i’ve seen anything from him, but then if I don’t recognise the number, I’m highly unlikely to answer.


I heard a radio ad of his with some short ramble about a fast train. I legitimately did not understand what it said.


At least Credlin would understand what a Mallee Root is.


Hoping Jason Modica throws his hat in as an Independent. Guy has been important in securing solar projects on local council and is big on environmental water.


Never heard of him
What’s his claim to fame?


He’s done the same here in a very safe long time Independent seat. Aside from that why the hell is he going so hard so early? Tonight during the news I’ve seen five ads, some of them long and almost comprehendible. Cheaper obviously than doing it at actual election time but he’s not going to pull a Trump. Apart from being a fat gross con artist.

If it helps get the present idiots out in a more humiliating fashion then have at it pig


Did anybody get an SMS from Clive UAP?
Make Australia Great. Fast trains for Melbourne. 1 hour to CBD from up to 300kms away. Vote 1 United Australia Party, Clive Palmer. Auth
Wtf - how the ■■■■ does that slob get permission to spam my number.


Don’t most newer phones have a setting to block sms from unknown numbers?


Probably but I really shouldn’t have to use it for political propaganda.


Unfortunately political sms are absolutely allowed. The do not call register does not apply.


You need to get Clive’s number so you can send back “get farked you fat carnt”


Stop complaining you jerks. This whole thing is hilarious. He’s been advertising on radio, TV, papers billboards for about four months. Now there’s the SMS thing, the app, etc etc. His final advertising spend is going to be absolutely massive and he is going to win ZERO seats and it’s going to be HILARIOUS


For a fugly sob he sure does love a vanity project

If I were him I’d stick to radio ads