Australian Politics, Mark II


I served in the AFP with Schultzy. A good bloke despite our political differences.


He is running as an independent.




I might be wrong, and too lazy to look it up on my phone, but he’s the one the Lib members voted in for preselection yeah? So does this mean he renounces his Lib membership? And then the vote is hopelessly divided and the Libs don’t stand a chance? Or if he gets in does he just rejoin the Libs after a cooling off? I’m a bit naive about these new type of shenanigans, and lazy like I said


Doubt he goes back to the libs. He gave them a serve on FB.


Right. Swim with sharks and all that. What an organisation!


He wouldn’t go back
They turfed him to parachute in a coconut.




First Latham, now this guy, how will the Labor party ever recover from losing these esteemed gentlemen



They take the profits, we take the blame.


Lol, best comment I saw was the libs are spending 7 million tax payer dollars to reenact an authorised boat arrival


And for those who studied history, who’s struggling to remember Captain Cook circumnavigating Australia?

I thought that was Flinders.


Yep, either Morrison doesn’t know anything about history or he hopes no one else does


As you’d know, Cook only charted the east coast.


Such a pity ScoMo wasn’t PM back in 2015, otherwise he could’ve been there to celebrate the centenary of our victory at Gallipoli.


That was when the Anzacs beat the Japanese at Pearl Harbour.?




Considering the reef is close to dead, maybe HMS Endeavour will stand a fighting chance this time.


Did you mean UN authorised?


He won’t be back. They gave it to him quite some time ago and then ScoMo jumps in at the last minute and plonks a guy who lives on the Northern Beaches into a rural district. A person who has no idea about local issues and no one knows.

They have already lost a few people who have resigned their memberships and will be supporting Schultz (I know nuffink!).

Any chance to win that seat for the Libs has now been dashed. It was stupid and short sighted.